Describe a polluted place

Describe a polluted place/Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution.

You should say:

 1. What the place is

2• What type of pollution it is/ are

3• Cause and effect of pollution and

explain how pollution can be controlled.



1 What the place is

After my degree completion, Our family members decided to visit the sacred place, Varanasi also called as Kasi to take the blessings to lord shiva. Moreover, none of us have seen it, so we were excited to see a new place and to know more about it.

2 What type of pollution it is/ are

When we landed on the river banks of the river Ganga, we were disappointed. The river was heavily polluted by all the waste that is thrown into it. The air we were inhaling was brown may be due to the mix of ash powder into it. Even more, there is not the right place to make ourselves comfortable to sit. Yes, it was air pollution, water pollution, and even land pollution that changed the entire image we possessed in this beautiful city.

3 Cause and effect of pollution and

To add more to our frustration, the roads were congested repeated honking by the commuters made it painful for the ears. Hence proved the city was also exposed to noise pollution. When we enquired about the residents about these issues, he elaborated on us that for ages. There were no detectable changes that were introduced to curb this pollution. The priests after the pooja ceremony disposed of the waste into the air, the boat holders, too, hold an equal percentage in disruption as I have seen with my naked eyes they are treating it as a waste resource.

4 explain how pollution can be controlled.

But off late I have seen there was a campaign to make the river Ganga clean and many organizations through the support of the government made it quite possible to achieve this.there was a committee that was set up to regularize the waste disposals into the river. Soon, I wish to visit the place one more time to witness a free-flowing Ganga devoid of any contaminants. If we do not care for our surroundings it may affect us severely, like skin cancers, ear problems have drastically increased owing to these changes in the environment.

THIS IS END OF SPEAKING CUE CARD( Describe a polluted place)

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