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Describe A Product From Your Area ( Such As Food Or Handcraft) Or Describe Something That Your Country Exports

Describe a product from your area ( such as food or handcraft) or Describe something that your country exports

Describe a product from your area ( such as food or handcraft) or Describe something that your country exports.

Sample Answer of Describe A Product From Your Area ( Such As Food Or Handcraft) Or Describe Something That Your Country Exports

There are several locally produced things in my country. However, I would like to talk about the commonly exported product of my country. This is crude oil. Crude oil is used to produce several types of fuel, which is done by subjecting it to several separation techniques. This product is naturally found in the ground, especially in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is extracted from the ground by Petrochemical Engineers appointed by the Government and stored in barrels for exportation. The Government oversees the production of this material, and the unauthorised person is not allowed to do the excavation because it is the nation’s major income source. However, they compensate the inhabitants of areas where this is found. My country is known for exporting the greatest amount of crude oil worldwide because this occurs in abundance on the land.

Part 3 Questions Describe A Product From Your Area ( Such As Food Or Handcraft) Or Describe Something That Your Country Exports

Question 1:- Why is it that people use products that are imported?

Answer – The main reason why people use foreign products is that they believe they are more authentic than local products. Another reason is that some of the imported products are not locally produced in the country, so they have to import them.

Question 2:- Do different areas have their very own products that are popular?

Answer – Each country has products that are peculiar to them. For example, China is known for producing various technological gadgets, while Nigeria mainly produces crude oil and agricultural products.

Question 3:- What food is a favourite around the world?

Answer – There are several favourite foods worldwide, depending on race. For example, the most preferred foods by Korean are Rice and noodles, while the white prefer fruits and vegetables.

Question 4:- Why do people residing in various areas like food that is different?

Answer – People in different parts of the world like different food because of the culture of their location. Moreover, people choose their favourite food from the ones available in their territory. For instance, Korean like rice and noodles because those are the significant foods available in that area, while Nigerians like pounded yam because yam is majorly planted in this area.

Question 5:- What are some of the top food products (“foods”) that your country produces?

Answer – There are several population foods produced in my country, including yam, cassava, groundnuts, different species of vegetables and so on.

Question 6:- What are some food products that come from different parts of your country?

Answer – Different parts of the country have food products that are peculiar to them. The southWestern part produces yam and cassava, the North produces grains like beans, millet and soybeans, and the eastern part produces vegetables and fish.

Question 7:- What widely consumed food products are mainly imported into your country?

Answer – Rice is the major food product imported into the country. In addition, foreign fruits like Apple, strawberries and peas are imported as well.

Question 8:- Do you think it’s essential that a country is self-sufficient in food?

Answer – Yes, I think it is essential that a country has enough locally produced food because money spent on importation can be used for other sectors like the health and education sectors. Another reason is that the Government will not be affected when there is famine in another country.

Question 9:- Besides food and the product you mentioned earlier, what else is made in your country?

Answer – Other products produced in my country are; textiles, shoes, beads, paper, automobiles and spare parts, cement and so on.

Question 10:- Do you think the globalisation of industry and commerce is a good thing?

Answer – I think the globalisation of industry and commerce is good. This is because it promotes bonds and unity among countries. Also, it improves the economy of the countries involved.

Question 11:- Do you think every country should make everything it needs or should it import some things?

Answer – I think a country should import some things because it improves the relationship between countries. Also, a country can’t have everything, no matter how rich the country is. Therefore, importation is inevitable.

Question 12:- What are the disadvantages of a country producing everything it needs?

Answer – There are several disadvantages to a country producing everything. Firstly, the economy will not expand because the things planted are consumed by the citizens there. Less profit would be incurred, whereas a large amount is put into production. In addition, the country will not be positively influenced by other countries since it does not have any relationship with them.

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