Describe a program or app on your computer or mobile

Describe a program or app on your computer or mobile.

  1. What the program/app is
  2. when/where you found it,
  3. how you use it, and how you feel about it.

sample answer:


1 What the program/app is

As currently, we are living in an informative era, I believe we have to keep ourselves updated to daily circumstances happening around us. Hence I have got myself an android gadget that has the latest technology embedded in it.

When checking the various options on the phone I came to know it has all the specialized features like youtube, google as well as many others. My husband insisted me to download an application from the google play store called a news hunt.

2 when/where you found it,

When asked to disclose more information, he briefly explained to me that this app lets us connect to the world and provides us with all the incidents happening around the globe. As I’m a frequent globetrotter owing to my work, this app even helps me to know the various flight schedules, weather updates, and the latest and instant news happening globally.

3 how you use it, 

Immediately after I installed it on my phone, there were pop-ups to known my specifications. For example, what particular type of news I’m looking for maybe international national or local. Whether to notify me about the developments in movies, films, and sports. So I feel in one touch, I can view and read the data as it also shares visual information in the form of images or even videos sometimes.

4  how you feel about it.

I would say that it is indeed one of the best apps on my phone as nowadays, information and knowledge are considered immense wealth. Hence I can learn and get to know more from this program. Old aged people do carry a fear that they cannot use these latest applications. Owing to their limited knowledge in operation, however, this app can be readily available, moreover does not require any techniques to operate it.

This is the end of speaking(Describe a program or app on your computer or mobile)

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