Describe a Quiet Place that You Like to Go To: Recent Speking Cue Card

Describe a quiet place that you like to go to

  • Where is it?
  • How do you know it?
  • How often do you go there?
  • What do you do there?
  • And explain why you like the place.

Sample 1 Describe a Quiet Place that You Like to Go To: Recent Speking Cue Card

Well they are a lot of places which people like to go in their day to day lives and always prefer to live in a quiet ambience I think it is a part of every people when they spend their quality time in the term of silence place and here I would like to talk about a silent place which I like the most that place which is a library they are they are many reasons behind is that why I choose this place because I always find a peace over there even the infrastructure of the libraries are quite good and many of people and students like to do and always spend their time in the kind of productivity over there apart from that I also do a various kind of things even I easily find peace of mind and I also able to do more concentration in my study as well as work because in that library provide a various varieties in books and newspaper which every people like to do read with their presence of mind apart from that I always prefer to do a visit in this library in the morning as well as the evening because that time is it quite compatible with my lifestyle apart from that I also like to do spend my time in a park in the evening because I always prefer to do meditation from 15 to 20 minutes which also I get all the energy for survival the day these reasons are mainly important to find that quite place is because quite place also provides numerous of benefits in a human body and it is a kind of important for every people so that place which I found very silent so why i always prefer to visit in this place in my routine so that is the place which I spend my quality time in their.

Sample 2 Describe a Quiet Place that You Like to Go To: Recent Speking Cue Card

I know of a quiet and peaceful place, and it is just in the vicinity of my apartment. I knew this place from childhood, but it has not changed much. It is my go-to place. Whenever I feel lost or low, and I require some introspection and motivation, I tend to think about spending some quality time there, and it gives me a new perception and helps me have a more positive mindset. I take a stroll, and there is a lake in the middle. Around the lake, there are some benches. I sit there after taking a walk and stare at the lake in my deep thoughts. I like this place so much because it is just myself with my deep thoughts, which come to the surface, and it helps me to think about certain things with more clarity which helps in making some rightful decisions.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Quiet Place that You Like to Go To: Recent Speking Cue Card

Question 1: Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

Answer 1:- I would not say it is hard to find quiet places in the cities as there are several hidden gems (gardens) and small parks or peaceful areas where you can spend your quality time, and most of the noises would only be found in the prime locations of the cities.

Answer 2:- Yes is a kind of a difficult task for every people to find a quiet ambience in the city because, in a Metro police city, all the area is occupied by various companies. I think we are unable to find any silent ambience and surroundings in a city because the noise of pollution is quite massive in the city and the traffic also produces a very heavy amount of noise pollution, so we are unable to find any kind of place in our city.

Question 2: Why is it quieter in the countryside?

Answer 1:- We do not see more of the industries and commercial areas in the countryside, which makes the place quieter as there are fewer commutations and transportation to those areas making it relatively peaceful.

Answer 2:- There are ample reasons that the countryside always provides a very good ambience, and many people always prefer to visit these places because currently, the site has no traffic problems and many people like to spend their quality time according to their desires. After all, the countryside always provides an abundance of benefits in the term of human lifestyle we also observe a lot of things in that, and the sound of nature is also quite good in the term of human lifestyle, so I think it is a totally good location for the people who find a very silent ambience.

Question 3: Why do people go to quiet places?

Answer 1:- Sometimes, the hustling of the large cities can have a significant impact on lives, so human craves some peaceful moments, and the best idea they could think of is to move to quiet places to have some serenity which helps them to release the stress and live a more positive life.

Answer 2:- They are a lot of reasons why people always choose to visit a quiet play. The first and foremost reason is that many people are already involved in their address and the dedicated to earning more money apart from that they easily get first waited. He also gets irritated in a very short time of period, so I think they always prefer to spend their time open enough, quiet place even it also helps to reduce their level of stress and anxiety level, so I think these many people like to do and spend time in a quiet place apart from that many people want to do more Constitution in their work, so I think silent place helps them a lot to grasp more information in their daily routine.

Question 4. Do older people prefer to live in quiet places over young people?

Answer 1:- Absolutely, older adults would love to live in quiet places to avoid the noises and disturbances created in their surroundings. They need more peace than we anticipate, and having a peaceful mind is bliss for them.

Answer 2:- According to my notion according to my perspective, old senior citizens, people like to spend their quality time in a quiet place because they already have a lot of experiences in life even they also spend their whole life enough work so they want to spend the eldest of life in a quiet area because they are able to do more Constitution over there. However, in the term of youngsters, they always need to spend their time in a kind of city and always involve them in various activities and like to go shopping, watching films and playing games fighting a senior people like to spend their more time in a quiet place as compared to the youngsters.

Question 5. Why do some people not like quiet places?

Answer 1:- Some people love to live in the living area as it does create a bright atmosphere, and they feel dull if the place is quiet, like a pin drop silence.

Answer 2:- They are a lot of reasons behind that why some people don’t like to live in a quiet place because they don’t want to spend their rest of the life in that areas which date not compatible with them some people like to involve themselves in various activities so they like to move and pursue various kind of activities in a Metro policy it is many people always involve them self in a kind of sports and shopping and where is kind of thing, so I think work older people aren’t able to live in our countryside because there are no any opportunities over there so this is the major reasons that why people.

Question 6. Do you know other quiet places?

Answer 1:- I know many quiet places around the city. There are some quiet beaches with fewer visitors making them more beautiful and cleaner, and some cute remote cafes with fewer crowds.

Answer 2:- Yes, I have some sort of experience about Jack White places even where are you found happiness and mental peace of happiness apart from that the areas such as Gurudwara Temple a Leica as well as Park, so I think this kind of areas is a quite compatible with my lifestyle where are you easily found a silent ambience so when I get frustrated I always use these places and reduce the level of stress. I feel more comfortable and fascinated, so I think this area is too good in terms of quiet places.

Question 7. Do you need a quiet place when you are working?

Answer 1:- Yes, I need a quiet place to work as it gives me good focus, and my concentration level is high. It improves my productivity and helps me to complete my work within the deadline.

Answer 2:- I am always seeking a quiet place in my daily life, even is very vital to my daily routine. Without silent places, I am unable to survive on this planet. After all, I always reduce my level of stress because most of the time in my workplace, I also get a huge workload, so I want to spend my quality time in that area where I find zero dead disturbance as well as noise pollution, so I think it is very important in my lifestyle.

Question 8: Why do people like to spend time in quiet places?

Answer 1:- Sometimes, it’s a good chance for people to spend time in quiet places with themselves or their near-and-dear ones to have a quality conversation.

Answer 2:- Well, there are various reasons behind his dad why people choose quiet places in their daily routine; first of all, many people enrol themselves in workplaces, and they also face a lot of huge workloads so they easily get first waited and want to reduce their level of stress so I think these people easily spend their time in that area which they found peace of happiness I think it could be a possibility when they spend their quality time in the term of quite areas, so I think that is important for them.

Question 9: Do you know anyone who likes noise?

Answer 1:- Yes, I know my brother and my mother like noise as they have a very outward personality, and for them, silence is like creating a dull environment. They feel happy and vibrant to see people around, and hence we live in a place which is a prime location.

Answer 2:- Yes, I have a few friends, and one of my friends, Rahul, lives in a Main Metro police city, Chandigarh. He is a kind of a very fashion freak person and always spends their quality time in the item of the uncle of satellite shopping. Sometimes they always like to watch movies, so his lifestyle is different from mine. I also get a phone call or phone call from him to do some kind of party is in that area, so I’m not an ability to kind of that person which I spend my time in the noisy area, so I think Rahul is my friend which he like spend their time spend his time in our in a sound places.

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