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Describe a Robot You Like: IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe a Robot You Like IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe a robot you like. You should say:

Sample Answer of Describe a Robot You Like: IELTS Speaking Topics

Robots Play a significant role in the lifestyle of the human because technology advancement rapidly surge over the year as well compare to the Past decades because progress in technology also brings ample benefits which people like to use in the day to day life in order to manage the life and here I would like to talk about a robot which I found very interesting I remember vividly when I got the summer vacation from my college I made my mind to visit the country of Japan even I reached there and I saw the ambience over there it was totally mesmerising because I had never seen this kind of technology nation in my whole life so I did a lot of recreational activities and I also preferred one famous restaurant which name is a cloud 99 even I was too hungry and I took off the street in that restaurant also want to eat something from that country however on the restaurants I found very interesting thing it was a robot the name of Champy even I impressed with that technologies because it had a numerous kind of advancement which were Robert like to show on that time even this robot also handled all the ambience of the restaurant in well mannered. When I sat on the table one robot came to my location and also offered plenty of cousin and showed me a new creativity which I was seeking for apart from that it had digitally menu which I impressed because I had never seen that kind of technology in my whole life and robot immediately took my orders within five minutes they came with all order along with complimentary this Robert served towards me apart from that I saw the overall inside of the restaurants even it looked like there were no any physical in touch by humans because on that time every country suffered from Covid 19 pandemic so that robot used by every restaurants which also took all the precautions and stop the infection of a virus even I also did a lot of errands with that robot and even robot pronounce my name and the voice of robot was totally incredible is a kind of robotic machines and definitely I would like to recommend to Indian government to install these kind of robots in restaurants in our country and also improve the infrastructure of India as well so that is the robot which I found very interesting I will get a chance that definitely visit that country again and also take a benefit from them.

Follow-ups of Describe a Robot You Like: IELTS Speaking Topics

Question 1:- Do you like robots to work at your home?

Answer- Yes, even though I’m fascinated with Advance machines in my house, I dream that robots work in my house. Also, it does all the household chores without restrictions because robots use artificial intelligence and handle all the work well. Mannered even in technology use inside a robot would be a very advanced and the robot would manage all the errands with their sense of power because every robot contains a lot of sensors which also will operate according to their program so I would like to use robot machine in my home.

Question 2:- Do you want to take a car where the robot is the driver?

Answer- Yes, I would like to travel in a car which a robot also handle all the route and directions with its artificial intelligence. Even it’s my dream tool to drive a vehicle in which I sit back in the car and also do relax without any stress. Apart from that the technological advancement across the world is relatively high, so I think that day would be near when all the robots like to handle all the cars with their sense of power apart from that I would like to go to various kinds of locations and places with the help of robots because machines always follow the correct route without any interruption, so I think there would be no any chance or for getting the course on the roads so definitely I would prefer as a robot of my driver. I would like to go anywhere else with them.

Question 3:- Will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely?

Answer- Without any doubt, technology would replace human hands with a sense of power because life would be independent of robots in the future. The future is never unpredictable, and the intensity of human hands could be reduced in some organisations. Even many of the big plants like manufacturing cars and automobiles parts there is only use robotic hands instead of human hands because the chances of reduced accidents would be reduced with the help of robots because they like to do every kind of work with the power of technology is in well mannered so definitely in future robots would be replaced by humans so I think it could be a knot good for our country because they all notes of net consequences would be produced when robots acquire all the world with the advanced technologies.

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