Describe a shop just open in your city.

Describe a shop just open in your city.

Sample Answer:-

Well, I belong to a developing City named Moga. It is one of the districts of Punjab. I have been living there with my family since my childhood.

There is a Supermarket available in my city. But about 1 month ago, a new shop has opened there. This is a book shop with a small library in it. I describe it briefly.

Describe a shop just open in your cityActually about a month ago, I went to the supermarket how to purchase some things such as stationary stuff, clothes, fruits, and vegetables.

Then I saw that A new bookshop has opened there. I felt excited about this shop. Also, I Couldn’t stop myself and I just entered the shop.

There, I saw 5 to 6 customers there and I started asking the shop owner about this new shop. I asked him what are you providing a new facility through your shop??

He replied very politely that we have opened this book shop with a library in it. Also, he said that English novels are available in this shop at cheap rates.

He had shown me some of them. I saw that these novels were really very expensive but they provide it at a cheap price.
In addition to it, one can borrow books from this small library but he or she has to pay security fees for this. When you return borrowed book, you can get back your security fee.
I thought that it is a really very interesting way to read books by borrowing it from that new shop.

Apart from it, every type of stationary stuff available in this shop such as glue gun, glue sticks, and so on. At that time, I needed a glue gun but unfortunately, it was not an available supermarket.

When I saw it in that new bookshop, I felt myself on the ninth cloud. I quickly bought that glue gun.this new bookshop has proved beneficial not only for me but also for others.

All in all, I like this new shop. Whenever I go to the market, I just visit this new shop. I also borrow English novels from there to read. So this is a good way to gain knowledge.

Describe a shop just open in your city.

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