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Describe a Shop that Has Opened in Your Hometown IELTS EXAM

Describe a Shop that Has Opened in Your Hometown

Describe a shop that has opened in your hometown

I live in a famous town in Punjab, Moga 📍. It is one of the districts of the state, known for its export of edible products to different parts of the world, made by Nestlé India Limited 🏭. This famous industry was established by the reunion of the Indian and Swiss governments, with both countries having an equal share in it.

However, today, I would like to talk about a shop that was recently opened by this company in our hometown. This shop is located in the heart of the city 🏙️. It is a big shop where all kinds of products, including candies 🍬, chocolates 🍫, coffee ☕, milk powder 🥛, ghee, Tammaro sauce, etc., are available. This shop sells these products on a wholesale basis.

I heard about this shop from my uncle, who works in that company. He is a good friend of my father and always visited my home to meet him. One day, when he came to my house, he told me about the shop and suggested I visit it. One day, when I was free, I decided to go there with one of my friends.

Upon reaching, we saw that there was an excellent parking facility 🚗 for the vehicles. The shop was huge, and all the items were displayed on stands. The place was elegant and clean 🧼, with baskets available to carry different products, and you could pay at various counters 💳.

The price of every product was displayed on it, so there was no need to ask for the price. There were concessions on some items, so I liked that shop very much and often visited there 🛒.

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