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Describe a Special Cake You Received from Other

Describe a Special Cake You Received from Other

Describe a special cake you received from other

Sample 1 Describe a Special Cake You Received from Other

Cakes are most prominent to celebrate every special day for almost everyone, and they feel very special by cutting the cakes on birthday. In this pandemic situation, everyone involved themselves in one or another activity or skill because they felt very hectic by stating the home 24 hours and my friend prepared the super delicious mouth-watering and attracted cake.

My birthday falls on May 22, so last year almost my friends surprised me a lot with the gifts and my most beloved gift is the cake because it has very surprising elements and moreover it is prepared in the home. The cake is designed in a way that almost every fashion-related detailing is described.

The whole cake is in the shape of a girl wearing a designer dress, and the dress colour is pink, which is my favourite, and the girl is holding the makeup box with one hand and the handbag in another hand. There are certain words are written on the whole dress, which is the fashion makeup box—lipstick and fashion technology institute name.

Moreover, almost all the details are designed with edible things. Actually, I am fascinated with fashionable things and likes to buy them once every month because shopping is my stress buster which elevates my mood instantly after working hours. So I was thrilled with the cake because everyone gets gifts on their birthday, but I received a special cake which is homemade, and mainly it is prepared by fried in which they have worked a lot to get the overall look.

Sample 2 Describe a Special Cake You Received from Other

I love surprises, and I still remember the cake I received on my 30th birthday. The cake was surprisingly prepared by my better half. Today I will discuss that.

We were out of our town on my 30th birthday and was attending the marriage of my brother in law in Sharanpur. My birthday came on May 7, and everyone was pretending that they were not aware of my birthday. Everyone was busy in doing preparation for the marriage ceremony, and I was also busy in doing shopping. During the evening, someone called me to that I needed to be present at 9’o clock at home to attend one traditional ritual. When I got there after returning from the market, I found that they surprisingly organized one small cake and a bit of decoration to celebrate my birthday. All my relatives wished for me and gave me gifts as well. After finishing this small birthday get together, we moved on to enjoy the wedding ceremony.

The cake was prepared by my wife in the house and was very tasty. She spent her whole day preparing that cake without getting noticed by me. Hence that event I can never forget in my life and that cake was very special to me.

Follow Up Questions Describe a Special Cake You Received from Other

Question 1:- What are the differences between special food made in India and other countries?

Answer 1:- I believe that we Indians prefer vegetarian food when it comes to special occasions or festivals. There must be a sweet dish to complete that occasion. We consider sweet as a sign of good luck. Even though there would be a lot of dishes but there must be one sweet dish at least as a token of fortune. However, other countries mostly prefer Non-veg dishes on special occasions, and they have a variety of non-veg menus. They prefer to have baked food such as pieces of bread, pastries etc. However, in India, We prefer to have cooked food over baked food.

Answer 2:- In my country there are a lot of special dishes which is uniques in taste and appearance compared to the normal foods like for instance a cake is specially designed according to the events some are designed in barbie dolls, and some are in Halloween shapes whereas normal cake is designed in round or rectangular shape. Moreover, the dishes like chicken gravy and special biryani food made are different in taste because these types have special chef made masalas and garnished in a way it resembles some other things.

Question 2:- Is there any food in your country which is eaten on special occasions or special times?

Answer 1:- Well there is a lot of special food in my country which is dedicated to a particular occasion. For example, there is a sweet dish famous in my hometown, which is called ghevar. This is my favourite sweet dish. This dish is usually eaten on Rakshabandhan. After doing the ceremony where the sister binds Rakhi on her brother’s hand, we used to share ghevar with each other.

Answer 2:- Yes, there are a plethora of dishes made on special occasions like Hindu cultured prefer going milk made sweets on the festivals like Diwali and Sankranthi because they feel that sweet is start to some special and positive things and cultured Muslim people prefer to cook and eat mutton biriyani and haleem which are special dishes on the festival of baked and Ramzan and they mainly donate the food to neighbours and orphan people in offering a feast to the large people in memory of prophet Mohamed.

Question 3:- Why are some people willing to spend a lot of money on meals on special days?

Answer 1:- I believe that it is worth spending money on meals on special days. As most of the days, we are eating normal food and not having any special treat. Hence as a token of memory for these special days or to have a celebration, we need something unique, and for food lovers, it’s a delight to have special food on certain specific days, and they are ready to spend extra on that.

Answer 2:- Special days come once a year, so almost everyone likes to spend with their loved ones by going out for a change from stressful work. Most people in my country go for dinner or lunch with their family members to try out new mouth-watering dishes and international cuisines and also to experience the ambience. So some people who are fond of the food also spend lots of money to explore the international and country-level dishes.

Question 4:- Do you think it’s good to communicate when eating with your family?

Answer 1:– Of course, this is a very good thing to have a chit chat over the dining table. Because most of us are living a busy life where we spend most of our time in city hustle, hence we have very limited time to talk with each other, and very rarely do we sit together because of our lifestyle changes where we give more time to mobile phone or other electronic gadgets. Dining is the perfect time to talk with each other as, during this time, all people are not engaged in their mobile phones and can easily be communicated.

Answer 2:- I think it depends upon the person like people who barely spend not more than one hour in a day they prefer to communicate with other by having dinner so that they can enjoy the company and even employers who want to build the strong relationship they invite the clients to dinner and communicate in a friendly way. But there is another side of people also who are not willing to talk to others because they enjoy eating the food.

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