Describe a special meal you have had ielts exam

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Describe a special meal you have had

You should say:

where you had it?

who you had it with?

what did you eat?

and explain it was special for you?

I had eaten many meals.But I would like to talk about a special meal that I have had. Last Sunday, It was a lunch in which my friend, Mandeep invited me to her house on her birthday.My friends Mamta, Rupinder Baljinder, Joban also invited on her birthday.So we all went to her house.Her mother decorated house’s drawing room with balloons and flowers.She also decorated the dining table.After cutting the cake, then we started the lunch.Firstly, Her mother gave us sweet corn soup which was very yummy.Aunti cooked noodles, burger, and Manchurian for us.Because Mandeep knew that we all like Chinese food.So we all ate it and really enjoy it.It was a special food for me because a chinese food is my favorite.I especially like noodles because noodles are easy to cook and I can also cook it.It’s cooking time is so little.All people like this Chinese food and it becomes so popular nowadays.It is commonly available in all hotels or restaurants in India.So, it was a special meal for me on a special occasion.

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Describe a special meal you have had

Describe a special meal you have had

Describe a special meal you have had

Describe a special meal you have had

Describe a special meal you have hadDescribe a special meal you have had

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