Describe A Speech You Gave

Describe a speech you gave

You should say 

  •  When and to whom you gave the speech
  • What was the speech about 
  • Why you gave the speech 
  • How did you feel about it

 Sample answer:- Describe A Speech You Gave

i’d like to describe a speech I gave last year, during my final year at university. The audience comprised my fellow students, faculty members, and a few guests from outside. The topic of my speech was “Why More People are Going Abroad.”

The primary purpose of my speech was to shed light on the rising trend of individuals, especially the youth, moving abroad for different reasons such as higher education, better job opportunities, or an overall improved quality of life. I intended to give an unbiased view, emphasizing both the challenges and opportunities associated with such a decision.

I began my speech by illustrating the pull of advanced educational opportunities in foreign countries, backed by data on international student mobility. I explained how world-class institutions, cutting-edge research facilities, and exposure to diverse cultures make studying abroad an appealing option.

Next, I covered better job prospects and economic factors. I explained how countries with strong economies often offer higher salaries, better living standards, and more career growth opportunities. I also discussed how some individuals move for a better work-life balance, highlighting countries known for their employee-friendly policies.

Lastly, I spoke about personal growth that comes with living in a new country: for instance , learning a new language, appreciating different cultures, becoming more independent and adaptable.

I gave this speech because I felt it was a topic of great relevance to my peers, many of whom were contemplating their future steps, including the possibility of moving abroad. As a student considering the same, I believed it was crucial to understand the reasons behind this trend and its implications.

Delivering this speech was a fulfilling experience for me. I was initially nervous about presenting in front of a large audience, but as I progressed, seeing the engagement and interest from my peers, my confidence grew. The discussion that followed was enlightening, with many sharing their aspirations and fears about going abroad. This interaction enhance my understanding of the topic, making the experience not just rewarding but also educational.

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