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Describe a Sports Program You Like to Watch

Describe a Sports Program You Like to Watch

Describe a sports program you like to watch.

Sample 1: Describe a Sports Program You Like to Watch

Well, there are several programs that I have watched till now. But there is an imperative function of TV which I would like to say in my further words.

To commence with, I watch a cricket programme with my family members and most of the time with my friends while watching this programme we enjoy the present moment because my friends and I are cricketers.

We are fans of Virat Kohli, the only man who attracts us to watch TV, and we also watch cricket matches just for him because he is our inspiration in life. After all, he doesn’t forsake in any situation.

However, as a student, I don’t get much time to watch it, but in my daily routine, I prefer to watch this programme in the evening. Lastly, when Virat Kohli comes on the ground for Feilding, I feel over the moon after looking at him.

Sample 2: Describe a Sports Program You Like to Watch

I love to watch different kinds of programs, but my favourite one is a sports program. I love to watch many different sports programs, and here I would like to talk about one sports program I watch every weekend. It’s called Breakfast with Champions.

In this program, the anchor invites many individual sportspersons, and they have dinner and lunch together. One interesting fact is that it’s called Breakfast with Champions. However, they never do breakfast because every sportsperson has a tight schedule in the morning because of their physical exercise.

Ancor encourages everyone, cooperates with every sportsperson, and asks many different kinds of questions. I’ve also learned how they succeed by doing hard work and using their skills. I watched this program with my father because my father is also a big sports fan.

In this program, the anchor asks different kinds of questions, such as those related to their lives, what they were like before they became successful, and how much trouble they went through to achieve this goal.

I started watching this pyramid five years ago on the YouTube channel NOI24  in my recommendation list. I tried it at the episode and liked it, so I have been watching this since 2019. This is the only program I love daily if they podcast it.

Follow-Up Questions: Describe a Sports Program You Like to Watch

Question 1. What sports are popular in India?

Answer 1. Well, there are numerous sports favourable in my country like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton and kabaddi. However, most of the time, people prefer to play cricket to other games.

Answer 2. India is a very big country, and different kinds of people like different kinds of sports, but mainly people like cricket because every individual I know has played cricket since childhood, and they are very emotional when interacting with this sport. But in recent years, there has been a change in what people taste, and many people now like football, kabaddi, and many different kinds of sports.

Question 2. Why do children need sports?

Answer 1. In my perspective, pupils must play sports games, which makes powerful brainstorming more sociable. However, this activity and a more eminent fraction of it has health merits for themselves they maintain their body and stay fit after becoming sports players.

Answer 2. Playing sports has many benefits for children, as they can build their physical strength and become flexible. If some children have talent in some sports like cricket or football, they can build a future in that field, and like now, these types of sports gain popularity, and those who play and have a skill make more money than other jobs.

Question 3. How can parents develop an interest in sports among children?

Answer 1. There are a couple of ways to develop interest in sports among children. First and foremost, parents should give them electronic gadgets to watch sports programmes, and secondly, they should permit their children to go outside of the home and do what they want as this concerns pupils might become sports players.

Answer 2. Speaking from my personal experience, I have a gained interest in playing cricket for my father because my father is a big fan of cricket and some other sports like volleyball. When I was a child, my father and I played cricket in the afternoon and watched sports programs together.

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