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Describe a Technical Gadget that You Want to Invent in The Future

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Describe a technical gadget that you want to invent in the future

Sample 1: Describe a technical gadget that you want to invent in the future

The only technical gadget that has always been on my mind to invent is a Portable tablet computer for students. A lot of students struggle with copying notes and carrying books. Some of their parents are not financially buoyant to buy them enough textbooks.

This Portable tablet will contain all their school curriculum; it will have different subjects and topics relating to their academics. They can do their assignment on it.

Moreover, they won’t have to copy notes and carry textbooks at all. And there will be an app to browse or read any difficult topic, and this is strictly related to their school work. Also, there will be an app for educational games like the adage that says all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. With this, they can unwind after a hectic day at school.

It will be beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it makes learning to be easy and accessible. Many of them can learn from their comfort zone even if they can’t meet up with the class. Secondly, it enables students to learn faster.

Students can assimilate faster while using the tablet, as the topics will be simplified. In addition, Students who can’t afford to buy textbooks will benefit as all the textbooks relating to their subjects will be downloaded on it.

It is very important to younger people because they are always eager to acquire knowledge and skills; this portable tablet will quench their thirst for knowledge because all the information they need regarding their education is on the portable computer.

Sample 2: Describe a technical gadget that you want to invent in the future

Although there are several gadgets in the market, from laptops and computers to tablets, here I would like to mention a mobile or computer application that is very popular nowadays, which is Youtube.

The time since this application was launched, multiple videos have been available on this platform on varied subjects. There are some excellent teachers who have uploaded their teaching videos, which are excellent in content.

I am a vivid fan of a few teachers. These clips help children in preparing for competitive exams, and some are living, which means the students can ask their doubts online from any corner of the world from the luxury of their own residence.

They can fast-forward or download some of the topics. They don’t have to take notes to revise manually, and it’s all at their disposal to access anytime.

These videos can be watched by senior citizens who are interested in knowing about history or any subject, including entertainment.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1:- What problem does this gadget solve?

Answer 1:– These gadgets are portable and very advance. Be it mathematical or philosophical. The gadgets have all the data which can be helpful for the pupils in their learning.

Answer 2:- These gadgets will help students to solve their difficult tasks in school. They can google their educational apps. In addition, all their textbooks relating to their school work will be on this device; they don’t need to carry textbooks or notes book about.

Question 2:- What are the features of this gadget?

Answer 1:- One of the few advantages to mention is they come with a built dictionary and language settings, which means you can look up the meaning of a phrase or word, and you can also translate to another language with a few clicks.

Answer 2:- This device will have several features such as a calendar, notes app, educational websites, google app, textbooks, educational games, Quiz apps, voice recorder, and lots more.

Question 3:- What specific problem or need does your gadget aim to address or solve?

Answer 1:- The gadget can resolve all the queries a student has because it is built in with prior information, which can resolve multiple issues.

Answer 2:- I think the major problem my device aims to address is the usage of portable computers to engage in immoralities through social media. My device will curb this and also limit its use only for educational purposes.

Question 4:- What kind of impact can inventions and technological advancements have on society as a whole?

Answer 1:- In this era, humans have taken a giant leap in inventions and technology. For example, a few decades ago, people used to communicate on long-distance calls through telephones which were corded, and they had international calls. They were asked to book in advance and could talk for only a few minutes. But along came the revolution, and today we can have the luxury not through short messages but we can video chat live from any part of the world for several hours. Technology has advanced in several aspects. Now in this era, everything is instant, from food, education, entertainment, and literally all facets.

Answer 2:- The invention can have a positive impact on society. It can bring about rapid growth and development and also bring about civilization in society. Likewise, technological advancement. For example, the invention of mobile phones has helped many people to be civilized. People can now communicate with each other using various social media across the world.

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