Describe a Time When You Changed Your Opinion.

Describe a time when you changed your opinion.

You should say  :

  • When was it?
  • What was the original opinion?
  • Why you changed it?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

Sample answer of the cue card Describes a Time When You Changed Your Opinion.

I like to talk about the time when I changed my opinion is a difficult task as there are many times I changed my mind. But one such decision that turned the tables for me was my view on which branch should I opt after completion of my 10 grade.

As it’s the most imperative decision of my life, I was in deep turmoil to choose which stream would be beneficial for my career. I just finished my grade 10 in the year 2003 and many of my friends were already hooked up with the idea of taking computers, science, maths as their mainstream subjects.

I always hankered to be an architect hence I thought of taking arts and commerce which would be supporting my career in the future. however many of the suggestions which I got insisted me to take science as they wished me to see me as a doctor.

after many days of discussion with family members, my bosom friends, close acquaintances as well as people who are actually into the field I decided to change my original decision of taking art and shifted to human science.

Eventually after a two-year intermediate course on life sciences then I got selected with a good score for the medical course. subsequently completed my M.B.B.S degree. now I proudly say that I am a social servant whose utmost priority is to save lives. hence I have always been obliged about my firm decision.

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