Describe a Time When You Got Into Trouble

Describe a time when you got into trouble. You should say:

what type of trouble was it?
How did you get into it?
How you handled it?
And explain how you felt about it.?

Well, it had been my summer vacations from school, where I had been working as a teacher. I was getting fed up due to overwork, and I was feeling a bit low due to my hectic routine. So without a hitch, I suggested my family set out for Manali for a week as it was not prearranged. So abruptly, all agreed, and we started our journey, and when we reached there, the real trouble began.

When we reached there, and we did not find suitable accommodation as there was a complete lockdown about which we were not aware, and I didn’t read the newspaper as well as searched on the internet. So it was gross negligence on my part, but we were helpless as it was getting dark so suddenly I remembered that one of my friends had been living in Manali so I made a call to him and he was immensely happy to receive my call and arrange my stay in his home.


Actually, I did not want to create any trouble for him, but I was helpless and was equally elated to meet my friend after a long time. So we all went to his home, and we had been received warmly. Really I felt that although it happened coincidentally, the love and affection that I received from my friend was beyond everything. So that was the time when I got into trouble.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Time When You Got Into Trouble

Question 1:- Do you like helping others?

Yes, I really like helping others, especially when people approach me for any kind of help either in their work or in their life, and I really love to help them in solving their problems because I think it’s a moral obligation to help humanity at the time of crisis.

Question 2:- In your view, should children be taught to help others?

Yes, children must be taught to help others because they are immature and whatever skills we would like to develop if we develop at a very early age then they will be having for their latter periods of life, and they will feel the sorrows of others and try to help the people when people are in trouble.

Question 3:- How can we encourage children to help others?

Children can be encouraged to help others by giving them some eatable items to offer to poor people as well as assigning them small household works so that they can develop the feeling of helping others. Apart from it, a big hand of school can stimulate them to help others by taking them to a visit to charity homes where they can help them in any way.

Question 4:- Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?

Yes, of course, people are less willing to help others nowadays due to their mindset that is obtaining more and more money by hook or by crook or manipulating others. So they are not very helpful, and they are considering their own profit.

Question 5:- Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?

No, nowadays people don’t trust others as people used to have in the past. It is because people have no sympathetic feelings for others, and they seek their own profits. They make relationships only when they know that these can bring a huge profit to them. In addition, people are more worried and insecure about their future, so they don’t trust others.

Question 6:- How can charitable organizations help people?

Charitable organisations can help people in many ways, such as organising blood donation camps and fundraising activities for orphanages and for helpless people. Furthermore, helping in community work like cleaning and making people aware of diseases.

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