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Describe a Time when You Observed the Stars: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a Time when You Observed the Stars Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a time when you observed the stars

Sample 1

Everyone wants to admire the sky with the naked eye and make wonderful patterns as go through their imagination with these practises people like to reduce their level of stress and feel delighted and here I would like to talk about a time when I admired the sky at night it was a coincidence when I saw the ambience and felt overwhelmed. I remember vividly when I got the summer vacation from my college, and I decided to visit my grandmother’s house, which is located in Yamunanagar Haryana and distance of around 500 km. I was too excited to visit my relative. It was a four-day trip, and my mother also agreed with my plan when we reached there. I was too happy, and my whole family decided to sleep on the house’s roof because the weather was too hot and scratchy due to a power cut. All of us tried to sleep at the top after later the sky was clear as a crystal when I looked at the sky my imagination came to you moreover it was a night and my ambience was a stunning don’t my cousin was left with deciding my bedding, and we started the conversation on Skype. I was curious to know about the sky from deeper, and my cousin addressed me with specific information about the Milky Way. Moreover, the glow of stars looked like sparking torchlight, and I was a girly to know about a galaxy. after that, we decided to take up some pictures of stars. I made a horse, a car, and a house in the shape of stars don’t think I was on cloud 9. after the time of one hour, my eyes gonna blinked and took dreams about star life, so that was the time when I admired the sky and felt amazing.

Sample 2

There are so many scenarios in my life where I am fond of stargazing; however, today, I want to talk about one such incident where I loved to view the stars, and also, I was excited to move to know about its origin, and it was during my fifth standard. I went to Planetarium along with my parents and my sibling. It was really amazing when the member of the Planetarium informed the slideshow and in sound how the stars have originated and the evolution of the universe the videos galaxies which are present in the universe such as Milky Way and also he has given many facts about our own solar system so that time I observed that it is a vast expanse we need to learn a lot about the origin of these kinds of heavenly bodies exhaust. I was perplexed when the slideshow began; however, after proper explanation, I understood that it is really crucial for people to know about these kinds of enormous objects, and I was on cloud 9 when I came out of the hall. He was just after something. We also clicked so many photos of the stars, and we uploaded these photos on social media. I see that I want to visit this Planetarium once again whenever I visit my hometown planetarium.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when You Observed the Stars

Question 1:- Why do people like to study the sky?

Answer 1:- Well, there are lots of options which people like to study about the sky because many people curious about the know the history of the solar system or Galaxy and also like to solve mysteries light which comes from the sky there so many researchers also spend their whole the life in the term of research to find any clue about the stars and find other and another alternative of planets.

Answer 2:- Some individuals are curious to know about the universe’s origin and how the heavenly bodies rotate in the sky. Due to this influence, I play Alarm Inclusive to learn about these masses from my childhood days. Our parents are to watch the sky, and also they take trips for stargazing, so this eventually creates interest for children, and they aim to study stars in future.

Question 2:-Do you know any stories related to planets?

Answer 1:- Yes, I have some information about stories related to planets. When I was a child, they were a lot of imagination which my parents gave me at that moment apart from that. I grew up and realised that story has meaning in reality, so I searched a lot of stories over the internet related to the sky and planet. It’s about our solar system, and the mystery of the solar system is still in a queue and not able to clarify in today’s world.

Answer 2:- Not really, but I remember that during my childhood days, my social teacher explained a lot about the planets and how many stars are there for every planet. they Used the evolution of every planet is its characteristics around the sun.

Question 3:-Do you think children should be told planet stories to improve their image?

Answer 1:- Yes, when children like to told plan a story for their image, they can know the information about our solar system even though their mind is already in a developing stage, so we need to consider and gives a tremendous knowledge about the solar system, so they easily get interact and enhance their living standards in future.

Answer 2:- Students should be given a lot of knowledge by telling stories from childhood. It eventually creates interest, and they aim to become astronauts in future. Also, all these planets are imagination, so it eventually improves a creative skills.

Question 4:-Would children are benefited from watching stars?

Answer 1:- They are numerous benefits when people admire the sky with their naked eyes. First of all, they easily reduce their level of stress and feel comfortable and also developed by imagination which they interact and rectify the image of stars. After that, when they make a pattern with their presence of mind, they easy develop cognitive and innovative skills in a good manner, so this kind of benefits children have when they look at the sky.

Answer 2:- Yes, there are a lot of advantages for children when they do stargazing. Firstly they get to know the different types of stars, such as the north star or the pole star, which are available and are present in the universe. They get to know they get to study a lot about the constellations and the originals every start the stars which are currently known to astronauts sense with this advantages children can get a lot of knowledge about are not only the stars but also the empire universe.

Question 5:-Would you like to watch movies on planets?

Answer 1:- Yes, I love to watch movies about our planet, even though that is my favourite part. There are lots of reasons I always prefer to watch Hollywood movies that lead to the planets because I am too curious about knowing the infrastructure of the solar is the planet. Even a Books mention that they are millions and trillions of stars available in the Galaxy, so when I recognise any movie, I always develop an image that comes out, so that’s why I like the movies on planets.

Answer 2:- Yes, there have been so many movies released in the past few years, and I was anxious to learn about the universe by watching such kinds of films. For instance, a movie was released three years back when I was in my final year raw post-graduate program, and it’s interesting, and what is interesting is where it stated that the astronauts were thriving. They finally succeeded in whatever missions they had to carry out in space.

Question 6:-Did you like to watch the sky when you were young?

Answer 1:- Yes, I always liked to watch the sky with my naked eye when I was a child; I vividly remember visiting my grandmother’s house. I always admired the sky at night because of power cuts. We always slept over the roof and made a lot of patterns and took a dreamed about stars.

Answer 2:- Of course, I was fond of stargazing during my childhood days. My family members and I used to sit outside on the porch, and my grandparents used to tell a lot of stories while we watched the sky, so I would say that was the best part of my childhood days.

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