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Describe a Time When You Shared Something With Others (or Another Person): Ielts Speaking Test

Describe a Time When You Shared Something With Others (or Another Person) Ielts Speaking Test (1)
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Describe a time when you shared something with others (or another person); You should say

Sample 1

So today, I want to talk about an interesting experience that I faced in my college life. Before that, I was I am a single child, so I never had the habit of sharing anything but a situation where my parents had to move to a different place, and I had to go to, and I had to go I had to stay in the hospital. First I was very excited, but later on, I got to know that I had to share a room with one of my friends from the same college it was very nervous and now cracking at the beginning I wanted to see if it’s a great experience or not I met my friend anonymous at the beginning, but later on, we became very good friends it was also a different experience because he has taught me so many things about sharing used to go to the cafeteria together. I have good food. There is also a compulsory rule in college that we have to share a room in the first two years of graduation, so since it was a different experience for me, it was a weird day, but later on, I got to know a lot about my friends it became a very good experience and those are the most amazing days of my life as well sometimes during nights we used to stay late click photos and upload it on the social media want to go back to those days and recollect memories.

Sample 2

Well, sharing is a very good habit. A lot of situations that people face regarding sharing things in their day to day life eventually lead to them becoming more kind-hearted and also believing in happiness. Moreover, I learned this habit from my parents, and I easily found the difference and developed a stronger bonding with others. Many times I share my things with my friends. Here I would like to talk about a thing which I have shared with one of my friends. Actually, I shared my laptop with my friend Rahul. I vividly remember that time, last year I and Rahul, we were both studying in college, During that time, we got a presentation from the teacher and she suggested to us that we should prepare it with the help of a laptop. However, I had my laptop. But unfortunately, Rahul did not have his laptop, and He was so worried because he was unable to prepare it. Furthermore, we got the same topic on environmental issues, and I decided to help him. We had to prepare this presentation within three days. I prepared my presentation quickly on my laptop in 2 days. After it, I realized my friend also needed to complete his assignment on time, so immediately, I gave my laptop to Rahul in order to help him with his presentation. So, He also prepared the given presentation. Finally, we submitted our assignment together and got an excellent grade in that assignment; afterwards, my friend also invited me to his home and organized a dinner for me. Literally, I was on over the moon; I also appreciated him for his beautiful project. All in all, that was the time when I have shared my laptop with my friend Rahul. And He also helped me with other errands.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time When You Shared Something With Others (or Another Person)

Question 1:- Do you like to share?

Answer 1:- I’m happy to share most of my things. However, I particularly enjoy sharing my food with others. Moreover, I feel that sharing is one basic thing that makes everyone happy.

Answer 2:- No, I’m not a person who likes to share things with others because I’m very introverted, and I want to keep everything to myself. I also have a separate room in my home where I tend to spend most of my time.

Question 2:- What are the consequences if children don’t like to share?

Answer 1:- Well, it’s a great opportunity for learners when they are opting for a hostel for further growth, and they share their apartment with others, thus leading them to they will learn the meaning of independence and manage all errands with the presence of mind. Therefore, they easily interact with others and develop stronger bonding with other friends.

Answer 2:- Children must be taught to share. There is also a proverb saying sharing a scaring. If children don’t like to share, then parents should make them mingle with their friends and have a good bond with the rest of the family. Also, take good measures to tell them the advantages of sharing by inviting their friends and sharing their toys and other things if possible.

Question 3:- How do you feel about sharing accommodations with others on campus?

Answer 1:- There are ample consequences will face by children if they don’t want to share anything with others; thus leads, they become introverted and deprived of plenty of amenities, and they are unable to learn important lessons about life. Moreover, they never make many friends. These problems mainly face children who do not share.

Answer 2:- It was actually a great experience because at the beginning I had no idea about how sharing a room along with a friend was going to be, but when I met my friends and the culture there was absolutely great, and I feel that it is one of the best experience in my life.

Question 4:- How could parents and teachers teach young children to share?

Answer 1:- Both play a crucial role forgive lessons about sharing in a teenager’s life because students are already in their growing period and what they offer they definitely grasp. Moreover, they will give practical examples of sharing things which leads thy would easily become more kind-hearted and shows gratitude towards others.

Answer 2:- Teachers and parents midday children to share different types of things by inviting them to parties. They can also do some activities where different types of food items can be brought by everyone, and then they can have a potluck lunch together. This enables them to know the idea of what sharing is, and such events can also be organized regularly.

Question 5:- Do people in your country (or, you) prefer to share public transport or do they (you) prefer to use private transport?

Answer 1:- Well, it totally depends on the situations which people are suffering from, due to any emergency they always prefer to take help from others and use a vehicle of others, some people are too egoistic they feel humiliated when they use others person vehicle, so they always use public transport.

Answer 2:- In my country, people prefer both public transport as well as travelling on their own because it actually depends on one’s own perspective there are so many people who like travelling on their own because there is no time now to go eat and go on public transport few people they who wants to save money they prefer going by public transport and nowadays there are so many metro trains which are you know which are operated in almost of the Metro cities and main areas makes people use those effectively.

Question 6:- Do many people in your country share their home with others or do they mostly live alone?

Answer 1:- Sharing of the home is widely popular in my country, not for everyone, if any guests relatives come from other locations they definitely show hospitality and share their rooms with them, Moreover in the term of renting many people like to earn some money and give rooms on rent, and do business.

Answer 2:- Most people share a home with others because, in India, we have a culture where the children have to live with their parents during their childhood days. Teenage day always spends time with their family. After their teenage few people tend to move outside, but mostly, the kids prefer staying with their parents.

Question 7:- Do you think there are many advantages to sharing your home with other (non-family) people?

Answer 1:- I don’t think about the benefits in share homes with unknown faces because we don’t have any idea about other personal nature. Moreover, even though I also learned from my parents without informing them, I never took anything from the afterwards strangers. Some could be harmful.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t think there are advantages of sharing the home with others because I don’t know what kind of culture they wear brought up in for me I prefer staying alone by myself, so in my opinion, there are so many disadvantages because in India there are so many people from various states who have different cultures as well.

Question 8:- Would you ever share your food with someone else?

Answer 1:- Yes, I do, even sharing a portion of food with others is my fav part, and I love to share food due to numerous reasons; firstly, I will get satisfied with my soul when I full-fill the other person of hunger. Moreover, I also learn an abundance of life lessons from others and bring a smile to my face, so every time I will get a chance definitely share the food with my surroundings.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely I like cooking food and sharing it with others so recently I have made an amazing breakfast item which is called Italy, and I invited my friends to my home and served them the difference. They also appreciated that the taste was really good, and it actually encouraged me to prepare amazing dishes. so I was actually over the moon

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