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Describe a Time when You Were Asked to Give Your Opinion

Describe a Time when You Were Asked to Give Your Opinion (1)

Describe a time when you were asked to give your opinion or explain how you felt about giving your opinion in this questionnaire/survey; You should say:-

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Were Asked to Give Your Opinion

There was a time when I was asked to give my opinion on the works done by the government of India. The survey was online and sent to a selected number of citizens randomly. When I got the survey from the Prime minister office of India, I was surprised. Today, I am going to discuss that survey and how I filled it.

As I said, that survey was to be done online, and it took only 30 minutes to finish that. The survey was mostly restricted to the works done by the government in the last five years. There were objective type questionnaires, and we needed to select one option out of 4. I have given my honest feedback on most of the work done by the government of India.

I felt that during the last 5 years, the government was not able to generate employment for the Youth of India. Despite a lot of efforts, most of the vacancies were still open, and no actions had been taken to hire the talented Youth on those seats. In addition to this, Electrical services had worsened than earlier. There were a lot of sudden power cuts, which lasted for more than 6 hours a day at that time. Conditions were going bad.

Finally, I submitted by survey and got an acknowledgement number to check the status. Later on, On the basis of my feedback, I received a call from the Government department, ensuring me to work on the problems which I described in the survey.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when You Were Asked to Give Your Opinion

Question 1:- What kinds of organisations want to find out about people’s opinions?

Answer:- Data processing is a very important tool to develop business. A lot of companies are working on this and want to know the need of their customer. Those companies are using surveys or feedback to improve that. Sometimes these surveys are rewarding also, and you receive a few chunks to fill those surveys.

Question 2- Do you think that questionnaires or surveys are good ways of finding out people’s opinions?

Answer:- Yes, Surveys are an effective tool to gauge the market requirement. It helps companies to concentrate on the requirement of their targeted customers, and accordingly, they can evolve their products. It is a very powerful tool in business development and helps to grab the niche market.

Question 3:- What reasons might people have for not wanting to give their opinions?

Answer:- Some people are more concerned about their privacy and reluctant to give any sought of information. They do not want to reveal their opinions as you never know How these companies will process your data and can even sell that for monetary benefits, especially in today’s era of the online world, where your information plays an important part, and there might be any criminal conspiracy by using your personal information.

Question 4:- Do you think it would be a good idea for schools to ask students their opinions about lessons?

Answer:- Yes, feedback is always necessary to improve services, and schools are not an exception. They really need inputs on the teacher’s efforts or capabilities, and students are best to give that input. School administration shall give the opportunity to students to give their comments on the teaching staff. Accordingly, they shall improve the faculty. This will eventually improve the overall quality and success rate of the school.

Question 5:- What would the advantages for schools be if they asked students their opinions?

Answer:- As I mentioned earlier, This is always in favour of the school to take feedback from students. Students are basically customers for school, whose opinion is very important for school administration. They can improve their quality of services and faculty. There is no better marketing than word of mouth. If they can improve the things, which make students happy, then surely the glory of school will rise.

Question 6:- Would there be any disadvantages to asking students’ opinions?

Answer:- I do not see any disadvantage in taking students’ opinions as this will only help school administration to evolve their services. However, there might be some feedback that is not genuinely given, and school administration need to segregate accordingly. Also, it is not necessary to work on all feedback; after all, it depends on the school administration; if they find that particular feedback is important to them, then they can work on that or otherwise ignore that.

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