Describe a Time You Had a Disagreement With Someone

Describe a time you had a disagreement with someone

  • Who was the person?
  • Why did you have the disagreement?
  • Was the issue resolved? If yes, how?
  • And explain what happened after the disagreement.

Sample 1 Describe a Time You Had a Disagreement With Someone

At some point in life, we would all have time to disagree with someone because it is part of life. This world would be boring if everyone were always on good terms. Several times, I have disagreed with people, but I would like to talk about my recent disagreement with a friend. My friend believes that all problems in Nigeria today are caused by Nigerians, while I perceive that the government is the culprit.

He said the problems result from selfishness and failure to be contented with what we have, which I see as a wrong view. I let him know that the government has failed us in many ways. Firstly, they always make ridiculous budgets for each sector at the beginning of the year. We have never recorded any success in these sectors, for example, the security and health sectors.

Also, they travel to developed countries to enjoy themselves, but they never once make an effort to make the country a better place for the citizens. Therefore, the citizens, on the other hand, do whatever they can to make ends meet since resources are not evenly distributed. After expressing my view, he reasoned with me, and we both agreed that the citizens and the government have a role to play in making the country good. We were happy that we could meet in the middle and decided to play our part in solving the country’s problem.

Sample 2 Describe a Time You Had a Disagreement With Someone

Well, people usually disagree with others when they do not have a sane perspective toward the thing. Subsequently, it raises the situation of disagreement. Today I would like to talk about a time when I had a disagreement with one of my bosom friends during my college days. I vividly remember when I was in the first semester of college .one day, my best friend Arsh insisted I bunk the college.

Because he wanted to watch the movie with his favourite actor, but I did not like his idea. Then I suggested she get permission from her parents instead of bunking the lecture, but she did not agree with my opinion and forced me too much. When I clearly denied her then, she became angry with me. Honestly speaking, I could not go as my parents are very straight, and if they came to know about the bunk from college, they would never trust me again.

Apart from that, I do not want to miss my important lecture. We had, and one is, a long discussion on the negative consequences of bunking the college, and finally, she agreed with my viewpoint. I also promised her to watch the movie together on a forthcoming Sunday, so that was a time when I had a disagreement with one of my close friends and resolved it happily.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time You Had a Disagreement With Someone

Question 1:- If there is a disagreement, what do you do?

Answer 1:- When there is an argument, I try to explain the reason why I feel my view is right, but if the person does not see the issues as mine, I keep my peace.

Answer 2:- Whenever I have a disagreement with people, I try to resolve it as early as possible so that it cannot affect our relationship. I try to explain my perspective about things and listen to their point of view. However, if the person is in a wave of extreme anger, I avoid talking with them at that point and wait until they are in a good mood.

Question 2:- How can we prevent disagreements from escalating into a fight?

Answer 1:- The best way to prevent disagreement from leading to a fight is silence. When an argument is heated, one of the parties should stop talking for peace.

Answer 2:- Well, in my opinion, during a disagreement, people should try to speak rationally rather than emotionally and put Themselves into the shoes of others and be open-minded and try to listen listen to get acknowledgement about their views. Also, remember one thing never make an argument with others with the intention of winning it because it has a detrimental impact on the relationships.

Question 3:- Who do you think should teach children to respect- teachers or parents?

Answer 1:- I think both are responsible for teaching a youngster how to respect. They should be respectful because they are the ones children observe most, and young people learn character mostly by observation.

Answer 2:- It is usually the teacher’s and parent’s responsibility to teach children moral values to respect their elders, parents, and teachers. Apart from this juvenile, opt the habit of the things happening around them, so parents should be careful while speaking and behave well when their kids are around.

Question 4:- What do you do when you have a disagreement with your parents?

Answer 1:- It is not acceptable in my culture for a child to disagree with the parents. It is believed that parents will always know better because of their years of experience.

Answer 2:- Whenever I disagreed with my parent, I tried to avoid the conversation at that time because, in anger, I do not have self-control over my words; therefore, I went to my room and cool my mind after that when I found my parents in a good mood then I try to sort out the matter.

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