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Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Describe a time you had to learn the words of something (e.g., a poem or a song) and then say or sing it from memory. You should say:

– Where you were
– Who was listening to you
– What you had to say or sing,
– And explain how you felt about saying or singing something you had learned.

I remember a very old poem during my sixth or seven standards. I am exactly not remembering it the poem was about my life, the way we take decisions in our life, or we need to take a decision in our life the name of the poem was the road not taken a very famous poem you might have had it or read it once in your life in your academic life it’s a beautiful poem written by Robert Frost.

Which I read in my school my English teacher, whose name was Utpal madam she asked me to remember this poem and try to speak it in front of the entire classroom the next day, so I was very nervous on my way home as to how to remember the entire poem at night.

I was struggling with the lines to remember it then my father helps me with the poem. He tried to explain to me line by line all the meanings of the poem. It made it very easy for me to remember and 2 schools on at the school while I was giving my speech it was very nervous feeling come coming within me as it was my first time I was delivering a speech in the form of a poem to the entire class, so my hands and legs were shivering a lot I was getting nervous looking at the friends’ faces and their expression.

Still, I took courage and completed my and type poem in front of them and on completion my English teacher claps her hands and ask the entire class to clap and encourage me for delivering such a beautiful speech with complete explanation, and that they became the best day of my life from there onwards I lost the fear of public speaking and started speaking very clearly and fluently with the public and this was a great lesson taught by my teachers with the poem the road not taken.

Follow-Up Questions Describe a time you had to learn the words of something (e.g., a poem or a song) and then say or sing it from memory.

Question 1:- Why do you think it’s true that most young children enjoy learning songs and poems?

Most children love songs and poems because the poem’s song follows the literature and the narration they do of the life or a fictional life that makes a child more pleasant and attracted toward it to remember it. The best example is that twinkle twinkle little star. This poem has beautiful narration and cartoonist behavior which makes children attracted to date, and they remember it very fast.

Question 2:- Do you think it’s easier to remember the words to something as a child and more difficult when we become adults?

Yes, it is difficult for us to remember something new, something modern during our adults rather than our childhood because at that time our brain is more active and has been much of its area vacant for new things and new ideas new words at 17 so during our childhood most of us our ask to do different activities for curricular activities are different hobbies at 17 so that we could make use of our brain more at that time and try to understand the world in a better way.

Question 3:- Do you think learning songs and poems is a waste of time?

It’s completely upon one personal interest whether to learn a song or poem is a waste of time or not but for me e as I said earlier, the poem the road not taken had changed my life the way to think about from that day I understood that everything has two sides one is The Dark Side. One is the right side, but what we want to see e is more important than what it has. If you see the Dark Side, you will never see the white side. If you see the white side, you don’t even bother about the Dark Side, so for me, poems have a secret within them, and learning for understanding a poem can help great decision making songs similarly help us to pass our time some of the people sing-song to remove fear or get stress free in their life so for the songs are very important.

Question 4:- How practical is it for younger students to learn facts about the world (e.g., dates in history)?

Very few children in a class would remember or like to remember about the facts of the world like the death of the history children like me who hates History subject the most could never remember the dates for the year properly I used to jumble of the dates are the years of the civilization within each other and used to get every time low scores in my history subjects due to this mistakes only. I am happy now that I have cleared the exam, and apart from that time, those dates have never been so problematic to me in my future time.

Question 5:- Are there any techniques that schoolchildren can use to remember new information more easily?

The best way to remember any information during the schooling is sharing the studies on the task within the group of their friends are teachers autograph Attached is distributed within the IT lower the button on oneself which helps us to listen understand and rectify where the other has made a mistake or has missed out something it helps in the development of the judgmental mines. So a judgemental mind has to remember a lot of things in order to judge, and this way, the intellectual part of the brain develops a lot.

Question 6:- How important do you think it is to teach young students to find and check information for themselves

Yes, it’s imperative to teach the young children and to find their solutions to their problem by themselves because this helps them to which time the problems in their life the best way was during our class 6 onwards we were asked to do our home works after completion of the chapter by ourselves and submit them after completion of the chapter the next day so that night used to be pleased care and stressful night where we need to find the solution of the questions of the entire exercise and complete it within the night and submit it on the next day. Still, please help us with the idea of content in the chapter and the storylines. After that, it was easy for us to do the homework, so when a student tries to find the solution to its problem, life becomes very easy for him for others from that step onward.

Question 7:- Let’s talk about the value of knowledge.

Knowledge has the highest value in the society or knowledge is a person can do anything the scientist, the teacher, governors, all these people can control a country or run a country with the help of their knowledge only if these people let their knowledge in their field then they would have made big blunders in the decision-making and which would have an adverse effect on the public, so knowledge is important.

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