Describe your level of English Speaking Cue Card

Describe your level of English Speaking Cue Card.

You should say
What is it?
How and when you started to learn English?
Are you satisfied with the current level?
What would you like to improve your current language ability?

Sample Answer of Describe your level of English Speaking Cue Card

Well, people add a new feather to their cap by knowing about foreign language. Now it is a need of an hour to speak English as it is widely spoken worldwide. So people feel proud and more confident if they speak English. As for me, I can speak fluently, and I feel thrilled by talking in English. I learned English for the first time when I went to kindergarten.

My teacher used to speak English by making us aware of Phonics sounds. So I learned gradually. Now I can speak with any person, and I don’t feel inferiority complex as many of my friends think because of their incapability of speaking it. I can speak well along with the focus on pronunciation, but I still believe that I exaggerate things, and I must curtail it to speak flawless speaking. I hope this will vanish soon as I have started to work over it, and I believe practice makes a man perfect.

Follow Up Questions of Describe your level of English Speaking Cue Card.

Question: Have you learned a foreign language? Why?

Yes, I have learned the foreign language because it is widely spoken worldwide and now every work is done in English. People consider the person literate and stylish if a person speaks English. Hence, a person’s ability to talk in English brings them appreciation and is regarded as a gentleman and gentle lady.

Question: Do you want to become an English teacher in the future? Why?

Yes, I would like to teach English in the future as I am currently teaching English, so I would like to have the same profession in the future too. I want to teach in rural areas where students are incapable of speaking English. So I think, in this way, I can remove hesitation among students about learning English, and they can speak fluently.

Question: Why do some people learn fast while others are slow?

Well, it depends upon the comprehension of the people because no two individuals are alike. Some learn quickly due to their aptitude, willingness to learn, and sound based on grammar. While others lag because they feel shy, hesitate, and fear learning it.

Question: Do you think grammar is important when you learn the English language? Why?

Yes, knowledge about grammatical elements is very important to learn any language because if they don’t know about grammar rules, they can’t make a sentence. After all, a sentence is a meaningful unit so, to learn English or any other language, the knowledge of grammar is mandatory.

Question: Why is there a strong demand for language skills?

There is a great demand for English speakers as I have already mentioned that English is widely spoken. Moreover, people earn a hefty amount of money, who teaches English to students and run their English schools or academies. So the need to know English is more important.

Question: What kind of quality should a language teacher have?

Language teachers must have essential skills such as a teacher must be a veteran in his subject and must have good communication skills and a pleasing personality. He or she must not be like a jack of all trades but a master of none.

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