Describe a Time You Went to A Crowded Place

Describe a Time You Went to A Crowded Place

  • Where Is It?
  • When You Went There?
  • With Whom You Went There?
  • And Explain how You Felt About Being There.

Sample 1

Once upon a time, my cousin, my Mama’s brother, and I were driving home together when we decided to plan a summer vacation. My Masi suggested a wonderful place, and we all agreed to go to Dwarka and its nearby areas for a five-day trip right after I completed my 11th standard.

There were approximately 20 of us, and we traveled in a comfortable AC bus. 🌞 We began our journey, and early in the morning, we reached Dwarka, ready to kick off our vacation mode. 🎉

Dwarka is a popular destination, attracting many visitors, but our main aim was to attend the Mangla Aarti. We hurried to reach the temple in time for the Aarti and managed to get there in just 10 minutes. Despite the large crowd, we were determined to participate in the rituals.


Although the place was packed, we successfully attended the Aarti without any trouble. We were so focused on the spiritual experience that the crowd didn’t bother us at all. 🙏

After the Aarti, we went out for a delicious morning breakfast. 🍽️ While we ate, we talked about the overwhelming crowd but also reflected on how, in that moment, the crowd didn’t matter. What mattered was the shared experience of attending the Aarti together.

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Sample 2

Many times when I went to crowded places here, I would like to explain that when I visited a carnival in Dubai, U.A.E., I still remember it was Sunday, and the carnival was packed from corner to corner.

I derived from home, and it took me to reach only 10 mins but to find out free parking sport, it took me 30 mins. Many cars were in the queue for the parking.

However, I managed to figure it out, and another challenge was waiting to purchase entrance ticks. This means another half an hour took the same as soon as we all friends entered the open-air hall.

It was beautifully decorated with lights, but there was a heavy rush on every stall and swing or show. The first time when I saw a huge, crowded place.

No doubt, it was a different kind of experience and really enjoyable. Anyhow, the security and safety volunteers managed that situation well. All my friends and I really enjoyed it.

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Part 3 Questions

Question 1:- Is There a Completely Quiet Place?

Answer 1:- In India, there is no quiet place. In the early morning, there are some parks, which are ququietlaces or away from the traffic sound or horns.

Answer 2:- There are no quiet places, but some places like libraries, school areas, and assembly areas are often quiet for some time.

Question 2:- Why Do a Lot of People Enjoy Going to Crowded Places?

Answer 1:- I don’t think so, people love to enjoy crowded places. Only clubs/pubs, when full of crowds, seem enjoyable.

Answer 2:- A lot of people enjoy going to crowded places because they think that they are very famous places to attend the traditions and Customs. The people enjoy crowded places more than quiet places.

Question 3:- Do You Like to Go to The Places Where There Are Many People?

Answer 1:- As I mentioned, I like to visit only clubs or pubs when they are crowded; otherwise, fairs or carnivals show me the optimum.

Answer 2:- Generally, I wouldn’t say I like to attend and visit places where there are lots of people because I wouldn’t say I like overcrowded places, and I usually avoid those places to attend if necessary.

Question 4:- What Are the Places that attract Many People to Your Country?

Answer 1:- My country has many attractive places, such as historical monuments, buildings, a zoo, and parks.

Answer 2:- There are many places to visit for local people as well as foreigners in my country, India. There are lots of places full of natural beauty and famous for their customs, traditions, rituals, etc.

Question 5:- What Do You Think Is the Most Important Thing About a Public Event?

Answer 1:- Yes, of course, people are important for public events. From the name, it’s clear that public means humans.

Answer 2:- Most public events like concerts, Shaba, Katha, etc. Because they are overcrowded day but most of the local people attend their events because they love it.

Question 6:- Would You Say It’s Important for A City to Have Amusement (and/or Recreational) Facilities?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is important. In my opinion, amusement plays a vital role in our lives. Students enhance their knowledge, and it’s the root of many other businesses.

Answer 2:- Every City has a very important part of having amusement facilities because children and parents should go for their entertainment and also it is a good source of income for the government.

Question 7:- What Kind of Places Do People Want to Go to When They Want to Be Alone?

Answer 1:- People prefer to go to temples, parks, and deep forests for calm or sometimes a long drive.

Answer 2:- There are many places where people want to be alone because they want to go for their partner and spend some quality time and also for mental peace as well as Physical health

Question 8:- How Do You Think Cities Overseas Are Different from Those in Your Country?

Answer 1:- Well, whenever we compare cities with developed nations, it seems that in India, there is no development, no transport facilities, no overall cleaning of roads, and no infrastructure.

Answer 2:- In my country, India, there are lots of beaches, rivers, mountains, temples, forts, and many places to visit every year, and tourism is a good source of revenue for the nation’s economy.

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