Describe a Time You Were Busy Cue Card With Follow ups

Describe a time you were busy

You should say:

  • When did it happen?
  • Where were you?
  • What did you do?
  • And explain why you were that busy.

Sample answer of Describe a Time You Were Busy

As a matter of fact, I can describe myself as a person who leads a hectic lifestyle and every day; I have to Immerse Myself In different stuff. But one of the longest and busiest days I have had in a long time was last year when I moved from my old house to a new apartment. This was the most memorable and unforgettable experience of my life. 

Let me explain to you in detail; I vividly remember that date; it was 25th of April Month when I Vacated My old home and moved 20 km to the other side of town from the north to the South side.


I woke up early morning at 4 o’clock because I had to do lots of work on that day, such as packing, shifting, cleaning the new apartment, organizing things in the new place and So on. To be honest, the day lasted from 4 AM to until 2 AM of the next day when I finally went to bed.

Fortunately, my brother and mother gave me a hand in doing all these tasks. Even though I felt exhausted and thought we were short-staffed as there were so many packages and heavy items to shift. I had to pack up more than 20 boxes, and we spent almost half a day loading those boxes in a truck. We took so much time because some of the oversized items did not fit into the lift, like sofa set, Almeria, and bed, So we had to use the stairs, which frustrated us. Of course, I was so busy that day that there was simply no time to cook, so I ordered some food Items Online for everyone. I should not forget to mention that my brother And I ate Our food during our travel time in the Lorry Because we were stuck In a traffic jam for 30 minutes, that was really annoying.

Even though I was quite exhausted after nine hours of packing and shifting, I still needed to gather all my strength to clean my new apartment and to organize essential things like bed, Kitchen tools, computer and so on.

By the time I hit the hay, it was 2 AM. I felt like my Battery was completely drained, but at the same time, I was over the moon that I did well. So this was the busiest day of my life when I didn’t even take a five-minute break in the whole day.

Follow ups  Describe a Time You Were Busy

Question 1:-Do you like the fast pace of modern life?

Frankly speaking, to some extent I like this modern fast paced life because with this I can do anything in a short time such as travel, shopping, cooking and so on. However, because of this rat race nowadays, I can see people who often struggle to multitask. As a result, most of the time, they cannot make a work-life balance.

Question 2:- How do you feel when you are really busy?

Umm. I feel good when I am busy because I am passionate about my work, so when I am giving my full time to my work, I really don’t feel annoyed and exhausted. In fact, I guess keeping yourself busy in life makes you a better version of yourself. For instance, we can learn to multitask, utilize our time, and increase productivity.

 Question 3:- What is the best way to deal with stress?

Well, there are various methods to release stress, and in fact, it depends upon a person’s liking. They can go with physically or mentally stress management techniques. For example, performing yoga and meditation gives relaxation to the mind. On the other side, if someone likes swimming, they can go for it; as per researchers, swimming works as a stress buster because it helps to calm your nervous system.

Question4:- What relaxation techniques do you usually use?

Well, it totally depends on my mood, sometimes I prefer to do meditation and deep breathing, but most of the time, listening to soft music plays an indispensable role in relaxing me. Actually, after listening to music, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, which helps me to concentrate more on my work in better ways.

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