Describe a Website You Often Visit

Describe a website you often visit

  • What is it about?
  • How you found out about it?
  • How often do you visit it?
  • And explain why you often visit it.

Sample 1:Describe a website you often visit.

Uworld is a site that is designed for medical personnel to sit for professional exams. There are different sections on the site for different medical departments; highly trained medical professors develop them.

It contains pictures, questionnaires, and also a section for premium services that requires a payment option. I found this site through adverts placed on the social media platform I use.

I usually log in to the site daily, immediately after classes. This site is designed in a way that goes according to the curriculum that is used. So it helps me keep abreast with my classes.


Like I previously said, I use this site to improve my knowledge and keep me up to date with the classes being taught. I also use this site to help me sit for my upcoming professional exams by using the questionnaires.

Part 3 Questions: Describe a Website You Often Visit

Question 1:- What are the most popular and least popular apps in Your Country?

Answer:-The most known app in my country is WhatsApp, and the least popular is Skype.

Question 2:- Who in your family uses the site?

Answer:-I believe in my family. We all use Whatsapp. It helps in communication among us since we stay in different parts of the country, and it also helps with the cost of airtime since it provides the option of calling using data.

Question 3:- Will the Internet replace the teacher?

Answer:-I believe the Internet cannot replace a teacher because each individual is unique in learning, so the Internet won’t be able to adapt to each uniqueness of people.

Question 4:- Will downloading music or movies for free cause a problem?

Answer:-I believe that downloading movies or music for free won’t cause an issue since most of these are done by partnership payment or sponsorship from a firm.

Question 5:- What’s the difference between the Internet and television?

Answer:-The difference between a television ad and the Internet is the use of data to view them, and also, the Internet can be accessed from mobile phones and laptops.

Question 6:- Why do people like to read the news on the Internet instead of on TV?

Answer:-Why People love to read the Internet because they can easily see other people’s comments and suggestions and also input their own suggestions towards it.

Question 7:- What kinds of people like going to the library to read and study?

Answer:-I believe the library is important; it helps us read about our history, which is preserved in the library and also helps us recycle the same books since it is only up for rent.

Question 8:- Is the library still necessary? Why?

Answer:-The type of people that like going to the library are people who may not be able to afford the books or who just have reading as a hobby.

Question 9:- What are the differences between old people and young people when they use the Internet?

Answer:-The difference between the old and young in accessing the Internet would be the knowledge of using the gadgets used to access the Internet. For example, most elderly people do not know how to utilize a phone or laptop.

Question 10:- What kind of people don’t use the internet, and what are the disadvantages that those people suffer because they don’t use the internet?

Answer:-The type of people that don’t use the Internet would be the individuals in the rural areas because of the less exposure and also their occupation, which includes mostly farming, they do not use the Internet. The disadvantages would be not knowing the trending issues of the country and not being able to associate with people outside their residential vicinity.

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