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Cue Card Example Describe an Activity that Is a Little Expensive

Cue Card Example Describe an Activity that Is a Little Expensive

IELTSFever cue card example Describe an activity that is a little expensive or Describe an activity that is a little expensive. You should say:

Well, some activities are very expensive to pursue 🤑, but some are not very expensive. These days, eating outside the home 🍽️ and watching a movie in a cinema 🎬 have also become somewhat expensive activities.

But, I would like to talk about an activity which is a little expensive according to me. I like to dine outside at a local restaurant, in the “Domino’s Pizza” food hub 🍕.

I have already been going there with my friends or family to celebrate some special occasions 🎉. We celebrate special occasions there about 6-7 times a year 📅. Every dish is very tasty in this food hub 🤤.

There are very beautiful paintings hanging on all the walls of the food hub 🖼️. I also like those beautiful paintings. Whenever we go there, we enjoy the tasty food and feel very happy 😊. I like the “pizza” of this food hub as well as the cheese parcel 🧀.

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So, I just want to say that this is a little expensive activity which must be placed in everyone’s life because it is a reason for happiness to me as well as for my family 💖.

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