Describe an Advertisement that Persuaded You to Buy a Product

Describe an advertisement that persuaded you to buy a product. You should say

  • What advertisement it was?
  • Was it shown on TV, radio or newspaper?
  • What was good about that advertisement?
  • Explain why you think that advertisement made the product seem attractive.

Sample Answer of Describe an Advertisement that Persuaded You to Buy a Product

Advertisement is means of marketing a product or enlightening people about a particular product. To me, advertisement means cajoling or persuading people to get a product. I am going to tell you about a time I got a gadget because of an advert.

The bulletin was from the HP group company on a new version of the hp laptop, and I saw the publication on channel television after the national news. What attracted my attention to this gadget was the new features which entail an extra charger, a long-lasting battery, high storage capacity and an adapter to prevent high-volt electricity.

Aside from its good qualities, the advert came with a flexible plan for payment and a 20% discount for the first 500 customers.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Advertisement that Persuaded You to Buy a Product

Question 1:- What are popular types of advertising in today’s world?

Answer – The most famous advertisements in the cities are done on television stations, radio stations and the internet. Some villages do not have electricity to learn about new products and services in newspapers.

Question 2:- What type of media advertising do you like most?

Answer – I actually like all the media bulletins from radio to the internet, but I love the television station adverts the most because there are more reliable.

Question 3:- Do you think advertising influences what people buy?

Answer – Yes, in my opinion, this is a means to persuade many customers to purchase their product, that the item makes life easier. For instance, the bulletin about the energy bulb shows that it saves money and emits less heat than the regular bulb. This will prompt consumers to purchase the bulb.

Question 4:- What factors should be taken into account when making advertisements?]

Answer – Well, there are lots of factors to consider while making an advert, but I will talk about one, which is the target populations that make use of the product most must be considered before promoting a brand.

Question 5:- Is advertising really necessary in modern society?

Answer – Yes, this is because it keeps consumers informed about current products and helps businesses make profits.

Question 6:- How does advertising influence children?

Answer – In my opinion, advertisement negatively and positively influences a child. I will talk about the negative effect, usually from junk food companies have impacted the health of many children causing illnesses like obesity and diabetes.

Question 7:- Is there any advertising that can be harmful to children?

Answer – I said earlier that junk food companies negatively influence child health. They contributed significantly to child and adolescent obesity and other mental health behaviours.

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