Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule.

You should say-

What was this appointment?

Why had it put ahead of schedule?

How did you feel about it?

Sample 1:-

Well, we fix a time for appointments many times. It is important to attend a fixed appointment because time is very precious. But some times we have to cancel it or put it ahead of schedule. Here I would like to talk about such a time when my appointment was put ahead of schedule due to some reasons. I explain it briefly.

About two months ago, I applied for the job of a computer teacher in a well-reputed school named Preet Convent School. I sent a Resume to that school’s principal. then, the principal called me via phone and informed me that your interview for a teacher is after 7 days. I thanked him. I thought that I have enough time to prepare for this interview.

I decided that I will do all the preparations two days from the interview. Then, I indulged in the other works. I just forgot about that interview. But suddenly, after three days, a teacher from Preet Convent School called me and told me that your interview will be tomorrow. I felt so shocked. I did not know what I have to do?

Then, I said about this problem to my mom, she told me to do it calmly. So, the next day, I went to attend the interview which was put ahead of schedule. The principal took my interview and answered all his questions very patiently. He told me about the matter that why he put this interview ahead of schedule. Actually, that principal is a member of a musical group and the next day, he has to go to London to present a performance there.


So, he did it. he appreciated me for behaving patiently. I thanked her. So, after one week from this interview, the Principal sent me an email in which he said to me to join the job of a teacher in his school. I felt immensely glad. I thanked him again.

All in all, that was the time when my interview was put ahead of schedule due to some reasons.

Sample 2:-

Well, I like only fixed or firmly appointments and always make unchangeable meetings and appointments. About 2 years ago, I had an interview for an English teaching job in a famous school. I had already passed the exam for this appointment. Then, the school’s principal had given me 10 days for the preparation after the written exam.

So, I had felt very glad that I had a plethora of time to prepare for an interview. But after the  3 days, I had received an email from the school’s principal with whom the interview was fixed. I had gotten a message that my job interview was now held after 3 days because the principal must have to attend the world conference in France because he was a member of this institute at that time. then, I had prepared for my interview as much as I could do. I felt very nervous and anxious as well because I was just thinking that how could I perform well in the interview?

on the day of the appointment, I went to the place where my interview was held on. The principal took my interview. After one week, I had received a phone call from the school and they told me that you got selected in this interview and can join a job after one week. I felt very pleased and all my friends congratulated me. I realized that rescheduling the interview was impacted me mentally very much.



Sample 3:-

Mostly, Punctual people always like fixed time or appointment to save important time. I am also a punctual person and I mostly prefer to an appointment. Once in my life, I got an appointment to give an interview for the Job. I passed my Job test with good scores and came in the eligible candidates. I was so happy to hear it as my dream was just close to accomplishing. Everyone congratulated me to pass the exam. The next step was to give an interview through which they had to select the required number of candidates. I got an appointment date for the interview. Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

I started myself preparing for it as I didn’t have so much preparation for this job. The date of the appointment was 10 days ahead. It was enough time for me to prepare for this interview. So, I fixed my schedule according to the rest days I have. But suddenly after 2 days, they issued a letter in which the information was given that the date of the interview has changed for some critical reasons and it will now be scheduled to 4 days before the previous date. I felt puzzled after reading it as I spent my two days already without preparing anything and they cut my 4 days too. Now I was left with only 4 days for preparation. I was full of anxiety with this rescheduling of an appointment. But I had nothing to do with it. Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

So, I started preparing myself immediately and on the day of the interview, I reached the center where the interview was held. I was so nervous and angry about their decision of rescheduling the interview. I did an interview and performed as much as I could prepare myself for these 4 days. But it was a lucky time for me because I got selected for this interview. I was so happy after hearing this. But I realized that rescheduling the interview was impacted me mentally so much. Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

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Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

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