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Describe an aquatic animal

Describe an aquatic animal

Describe an aquatic animal
● What it looks like
● When you saw it
● Explain about it
● Explain why it is interesting

sample answer Describe an aquatic animal

Nature is full of colors. There is a variety of flora and fauna. But here I would like to speak about a marine creature which is Manta Ray.

What it looks like

It has a flattened body and fins are in a triangular shape. Sometimes, its body looks like diamonds shaped. It uses its triangular fins for swimming.

When you saw it

Well, I come to know about this creature when I was teaching my child a lesson about animals that live in water. I was searching about marine animals and out of blue my eyes fell on it and I was flabbergasted to see this beautiful animal.

Explain about it

It seems to be interesting because it is a gentle and calm creature and never feels scared in the presence of human beings. On top of that, it lives near-surface of the sea and takes breathe by going into the sea. The most striking feature of it is that it keeps its mouth wide open while foraging. Such creatures are very rare which are harmless. Though sometimes it, resemble devil ray and is now and then known by this name. But its peaceful nature makes him distinct from other sea creatures.

Explain why it is interesting

So, this is the aquatic animal that I find very interesting and hope to see it in real life in the foreseeable future. When I will be able to move to Australia because it is mainly found there.


  1. Why do people like to keep pets?

Ans. People like to keep pets for their happiness and sometimes they keep to remove their monotony.

  1. What should we do to protect endangered animals?

Ans. Well, building national parks or wildlife creatures is a good option to save extinct species.

  1. Do you support doing experiments on animals?

Ans. No, I would not like to support it. As every creature has a right to live on this planet and none can be harmed for testing. There are other measures that can be taken.

  1. Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

Ans. They are nonvegetarians and of course, they love nature and understand well that on this planet everyone has a right to live peacefully.

  1. What would happen when some species disappear on earth?

Ans. There will be a disorder in nature. To be specific, there will be an ecological imbalance. The survival of the earth will be impossible.

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