Describe an Area of Your City Which You Don’t Like

Describe an area of your city which you don’t like

  • What place is it?
  • When You Visit?
  • Why Don’t You like the area?
  • What Improvements do You want in that area?

Sample 1 Describe an Area of Your City Which You Don’t Like

There are many such places which I don’t particularly appreciate visiting in my city, as it is not a city or village I come from, but it’s a town, so it has a touch of modern living, but the infrastructure is rural.

A particular place I dislike is Industrial Area which is very close to the residing areas. I have friends living nearby the Industrial areas, and that’s when I mostly come across this part of the town when I often visit them.

Being an industrial area, due to heavy traffic, the roads are very rough. Huge trucks are parked on either side of the streets where no discipline is followed in traffic control. The factories ignore basic environmental rules like proper wastage and are busy making money by shooting up their production, increasing noise and emitting hazardous gases by spreading pollution.

The rulers of the place should impose strict regulations on the management of these factories. Especially in controlling pollution, be it sound or environment. And regular checks should be performed to segregate the waste and control the traffic.

Sample 2 Describe an Area of Your City Which You Don’t Like

There is an area in the city that I don’t like, and it’s a run-down and dilapidated neighbourhood with high crime rates and a lack of basic amenities. The place is often called the “bad part of town”.

I rarely visit this area as it is known to be unsafe and not desirable. The streets are littered with trash, buildings are graffitied, and the buildings and infrastructure are in disrepair. The high crime rates make it uncomfortable, and I feel uneasy whenever I am in the area.

I would like to see improvements made in this area to make it a safer and more livable place for the residents who call it home. This could include increased police presence, investment in community programs and resources, and redevelopment of the buildings and infrastructure. A community centre or park would be a great addition, providing a safe place for residents to gather and participate in recreational activities.

In addition, providing job opportunities and economic development programs to the residents would help break the cycle of poverty and crime that plagues the area. This could include job training programs, small business incubators, and incentives for companies to set up shops in the neighbourhood.

Ultimately, the goal should be to create a safe, healthy, and thriving community for all its residents. Improving this area would not only benefit the residents but also have a positive impact on the entire city.

Follow Up Questions Describe an Area of Your City Which You Don’t Like

Question 1:- What sort of apartment do the majority of people in your city prefer?

Answer – Nowadays, most people have a nuclear family. Gone are the days of joint family living. So being a small family and working parents. People in my city prefer staying in apartments in a building having their own private units.

Question 2:- Do people in your city enjoy inviting others as guests?

Answer – I don’t think people have time to entertain guests, and they are so busy in their mundane lives that they hardly find time for their family members. Parents are busy with work and house-related issues, children among their friends, and academic preparation, so no question arises for welcoming guests.

Question 3:- Do people exchange gifts when they visit?

Answer – Yes, when I was a kid and lived in a big family. No guest would come emptyhanded. Either they will have sweets or fruits for the children or some garments for elders, but the exchange of goodies where a norm in those days.

Question 4:- What is the difference between the houses in the city centre and the suburbs?

Answer – The difference between the suburbs and city houses is the space. The suburbs had ample space for children to play and various activities for family functions, but the city homes were crowded and hardly had enough space for leisure activities.

Question 5:- Which do you favour? A home in the suburbs or the urban core?

Answer – I mostly love to reside in the suburbs where you have natural light and ventilation—no worries about compact space and privacy. Here you are free to wander off to nearby natural locations and access clean natural resources. The city’s compact houses add to claustrophobia, shunt your growth, and cut you away from nature. Peace and serenity are enjoyed in a natural setting. Hence I would always prefer to reside in a suburb than a modern city.

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