Describe an Aspect of Modern Society that You Dislike

Describe an Aspect of Modern Society that You Dislike
You should say:

  • what it is
  • why this is happening
  • if this is an old issue
  • and explain why you dislike it.

Sample Answer Describe an Aspect of Modern Society that You Dislike

One aspect of modern society that I find particularly disconcerting is the growing disrespect towards older people or parents. This manifests as neglect, exclusion from decision-making processes, and often, disregard for their opinions and experiences. There are various reasons why this issue happens. Firstly, rapid technological advancements have created a perceived divide between the younger, more tech-savvy generations and older individuals who may not be as adept with modern technology. This often leads to older people being viewed as out of touch with current trends and realities.

Secondly, the fast pace of modern life and the shift towards more nuclear family structures reduce daily interaction between younger individuals and their elders, limiting opportunities for mutual respect and understanding to develop. Additionally, societal values have increasingly shifted towards prioritizing productivity and youth, which implicitly devalues ageing and experience.

According to my point of view is it not a new phenomenon — every era has its generational conflicts — the specific form of disrespect towards the elderly in contemporary society has unique characteristics influenced by current cultural and technological contexts. Historically, older individuals were often revered and respected as community leaders and keepers of knowledge. However, today’s emphasis on innovation and rapid change can sideline those who are perceived as being behind the times.


I deeply dislike this aspect because it not only undermines the dignity and worth of older people but also deprives society of valuable perspectives. Older individuals possess a wealth of life experiences, wisdom, and historical context that can significantly enrich communal life and decision-making processes. Disrespecting them can lead to a less cohesive, more divided society where valuable lessons from the past are ignored.All in all, the growing disrespect for older people is a troubling trend that reflects broader societal shifts and values.

Follow-ups Describe an Aspect of Modern Society that You Dislike

Question:1 What specific actions can be taken to address the issue of neglect towards older citizens in modern society?

Answer: We need a multifaceted approach to address neglect towards older citizens. Awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of respecting and caring for elderly parents can effectively change attitudes. Policies that provide support and resources for caregivers, such as affordable elder care services and flexible work arrangements, can alleviate the burden on families

Question:2 You mentioned feeling embarrassed when educated children behave poorly towards their parents in old age. Do you think education plays a role in shaping attitudes towards elder care?

Answer: Education plays a crucial role in shaping attitudes towards elder care. Incorporating modules on ethics, empathy, and familial responsibilities into school curricula can instil values of respect and compassion from a young age. Teachers and educators can also serve as role models by demonstrating empathy and highlighting the importance of honouring elders in society.

Question:3 The trend of neglecting elderly parents seems to be a recent development in modern society. What factors have contributed to this shift in attitudes and behaviours?

Answer: Several factors have contributed to modern society’s shift in attitudes towards elder care. The fast-paced nature of contemporary life, coupled with individualistic values and societal pressures, has led many to prioritize personal ambitions over familial obligations. Additionally, changing family structures, such as smaller households and increased mobility, have reduced the traditional support networks available to older adults.

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