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Describe an English Class/Lesson That You Enjoyed Cue Card

Describe an English ClassLesson That You Enjoyed Cue Card
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Describe an English Class/Lesson That You Enjoyed Cue Card

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Sample Answer of Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed

During my school time, I was not good in the English Language. Hence, I had to attend a few English classes to improve my English language skills. Among the lessons I have heard, few were quite boring, except the one exciting class and I enjoyed attending that class a lot. So here I would like to share my experience attending that enjoyable class.

The lesson was basically related to English Grammar. But this class was different, as, in this class, more significance was given to advanced grammar, not simple grammar. 

Another thing that made this class more remarkable is that for the first time, I learned about Advanced Grammar; before that, I had no idea about this form of grammar.

I vividly remember that I attended this class in high school. At that time, I was in the 12th standard. Mr Baldev presented this class. He is a pedagogical expert in the language and excitingly teaches the most challenging concepts.

I learned a plethora of skills from this class. With the guidance of my English mentor, I was introduced to numerous valuable tips and tricks for improving grammar. Apart from this, he made us aware of articles, linking verbs, determiners, and many more grammar-related topics.

Honestly saying, I enjoyed this class a lot. But there’s a reason behind my interest in this class. Usually, students find grammar class uninteresting and tiresome. Even a class of 10 minutes can make the student feel sleepy. But in this class, everyone, including myself, was excited and paid full attention to the lesson. I must say, Mr Baldev’s teaching style was fascinating.

So this was all about an English lesson that I enjoyed.

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