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Talk About an English Lesson You Enjoyed Speaking IELTS EXAM

Talk About an English Lesson You Enjoyed Speaking

Talk about an English lesson you enjoyed, Or Describe an English class, seminar or training session that you enjoyed.

Sample 1: Talk About an English Lesson You Enjoyed Speaking

Everybody knows that English is an international language, as it is spoken in 86 countries. So, it has become conspicuous for everyone.

I have attended many English lessons in my entire life. Here, I would like to talk about conjunctions and vocabulary, which were taught by my favourite teacher, Ms. Harpreet Kaur.

On top of that, I attended a class last month in Skills Academy. It is a supreme academy. She told us about distinct conjunctions and million and one vocabulary words that are used routinely, and she also taught us how to memorize the words. It is a really amazing technique that can be used for life. Ms. Harpreet Kaur taught us nicely and politely. Her class is enjoyable, and her method of teaching is understandable.

To supplement my view. I gained a lot of knowledge, as well as now I can memorize numerous synonyms and vocabulary.

By putting my two cents, this lesson was useful for me as now I will be able to do my next study with the help of this chapter and

I can crack any exam, or I can stand on my foot. This was the stair of success.I also would like to become Harpreet mam so that everyone can learn prudently who has a dream to learn the international language.

conspicuous—– important

awe struck… wonderful

By putting my two cents—— according to my opinion

Sample 2: Talk About an English Lesson You Enjoyed Speaking

During my time in school, my English skills were very weak. Hence, to improve my English Language skills, I had to attend a few English classes. Among the classes I have attended, few were quite boring, except the one class which was very interesting, and I enjoyed attending that class a lot. So here I will share my experience about attending that enjoyable class.

The lesson was basically related to English Grammar. But this class was different, as in this class, more significance was given to advanced grammar and less to simple grammar.  And only in this class, for the first time, did I learn about advanced grammar; before that, I had no idea about this form of grammar.

I attended this class at my school. At that time, I was in 12th class.  And this happened some four years ago. This class was presented by Mr. Baldev.

I learned a plethora of skills from this class. I was introduced to numerous useful tips and tricks on how to improve grammar. Apart from this, he made us aware of articles, linking verbs, determiners and many more topics related to grammar.

Honestly saying, I enjoyed this class a lot. But there’s a reason behind my interest in this class. Normally, students find grammar class uninteresting and tiresome. Even a class of 10 minutes can make the student feel sleepy. But in this class, everyone, including myself, was excited and was paying full attention towards the lesson. Mr.Baldev’s teaching style was very interesting.

So this was all about an English lesson that I enjoyed.

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