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Describe an Experience You Had as a Member of a Team

Describe an Experience You Had as a Member of a Team

Describe an experience you had as a member of a team

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Sample Answer of Describe an Experience You Had as a Member of a Team

Well there are not many situations when I worked in a team since I love to work alone but here I would like to talk about a performance that I gave on stage as a team member I clearly remember I was in bed last semester and exams were about to come and come and we were all preparing for exams apart from exame there was also a youth festival at my college and my college was the host college at that time and the directors were concerned about giving the closing performance that is usually bhangra folk damce of punjab So director assigned me this responsibility since I have been performing it for last 2 years in that college and they also assured me that if everything goes good then they would definitely give me good marks in final exams so I took that responsibility but for that I was looking for a team and then I chose 7 more students from my college and they all knew somewhat about bhangra and I think they had basic knowledge about that but as at the youth festival I wanted someone really professional so I started training off those 7 people and I acted as a leader of the group since I was the only professional performer so within training of 60 days we really we really worked very hard and learned a lot and I taught all of them very good steps good steps like we started from very basic and then went on with professional steps and lastly we used some props in this way we completed our performance on 15th day and after 2 days there was the final day on which we had to perform so on the closing ceremony we really performed very well and I believe everyone among the audience stood up and gave standing ovation to me and my team and director Was also very happy with this performance and he also congratulated us for this victory so in this way I worked in a team and I My team work ended up very well and I El and I get to know many unique skills being a leader in a group and the advantages off working in a group so I think this is the only activity I performed in the group and really enjoyed

Follow ups Describe an Experience You Had as a Member of a Team

Question 1. Would you like to work alone or work with a partner?

Answer – Well I’m comfortable in both but in case of my personal preference then I would definitely say I’d like to work alone since it allows me to work as per my terms and conditions and no one would be on the either side to disturb me to disturb me and also I can focus fully

Question 2. What type of people are good to use?

Answer – In case of any group activity I think the people who are of like minded personality or adaptive in nature knowledgeable sknowledgeable scared experienced and mostly patient nature I think such if anyone have such kind of personality then it is worth working with him

Question 3. Do you enjoy team work or group studying?

Answer – I’m comfortable in both but I do like to complete all my work I won’t allow however in order to choose any from these then I would go for group study because in this We can hear everyone but at the last we can do ours so I think this is not possible in group activity and also in this we can use our own knowledge and own concentration do excel in academics

Question 4. What are the benefits of studying alone?

Answer – There could be plathora of benefits of studying alone 1st of all we can choose subject of our choice secondly we can fully focus towards our studies because on the either side no one would be there to disturb us last but not least Weekend study as per phone terms and conditions like like we can have breaks and it’s any time we can switch subject anytime switch subject any time all we can do whatever we want to do

Question 5. What can children learn through teamwork?

Answer – From teamwork as for my personal experience one can learn many skills 1st of all he or she could learn that how to interact with team members sinteam members Lipson’s in a group every member have different attitude with different background so 1 could get to know about how to adjust in such circumstances apart circumstances apart from this 1 could also get to know about the leadership skills that 1 need to possess in order to run the whole group

Question 6. What are the disadvantages of working in disadvan

Answer – I think when one work in a group he could face many difficulties such as attitude problems like your problems like every people is from different background with different attitudes so there could be possibility of F clashes and another thing is conflicts and egoistic nature like in a group there would be a leader and he could be more egotistic and have very bad attitude towards others members so I think such circumstances could be 1 phase while working as a team

Question 7. Is it great to have differences within a group?

Answer – Definitely not if There is no mutual understanding between group members then the result must not match these standards since everyone would have their own directions own way of working so I think they can’t came a come up at a single conclusion in addition to this they can also face conflicts and egoistic problems

Question 8. What are key skills and abilities necessary to be prosperous in a team?

In my personal experience I think working in a team really needs a lot of skills such as initiative good communications skill good communication skill better understanding patient patient com knowledge leadership shipskills good personality inner as well as external and so so on

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