An Important Conversation You Had Speaking IELTS EXAM

Describe an important conversation you had speaking cue card with the answer. you should say:-

  • What it was about?
  • Who you had it with?
  • Why it was important?

We meet with different kinds of persons in our lives, and we converse with them. Sometimes, we get a chance to meet an experienced and knowledgeable person. 🎓 Today, I would like to talk about a conversation I had with Professor Gurbachan Singh Rahi, who was the head of the Department of Punjabi in Punjabi University, Patiala. 🏛️

It was the time when I was preparing for the Punjab Civil Services exam. He taught us Punjabi literature. 📚 One day, I got a chance to visit the Professor’s house. He gave me a red carpet welcome. 🚪

After that, we had a cup of tea. ☕ Professor Sahib started a conversation on the history and literature of Punjab because he has a doctorate in Punjabi literature. 📖 He was an emotional person because he had seen the time of the partition in 1947. 😢


He talked about Punjab before the partition and told how people lived together with love and cooperation. ❤️ But after the partition, Punjab was divided into East Punjab and West Punjab, which hurt him to a great extent. 💔

He did not end at this point. He further added that the government further divided East Punjab into Haryana, Himachal, and some parts of J&K. 🗺️

He told me many things about the people of Punjab: when some outsider emperor attacked India, he had to face the first people of Punjab; that’s why the people of Punjab were full of aggression, courage, and bravery. 💪 This conversation was very important because I got a chance to learn about that of which I was unaware.

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