Describe an Important Day in Your Life IELTS Exam

Describe an important day in your life IELTS Exam
You should say:

  • when was it
  • what happened on that day
  • if it was a positive or negative day for you

Sample Answer of Describe an Important Day in Your Life IELTS Exam

I would say every day is an important day for individuals, which gives us a chance to do new things and correct our past mistakes. I have had many hay days, one of them is when I got my first job and received a small income from that. As I had been applied for many companies and interviewed a lot for a better job profile in 2017.                         IELTSFever Twitter

Finally, I was given a task and appointed for work in the domestic company then my parents got happiness, however, I wasn’t much in elation as it always comes with some condition and rigid work in my life. Moreover, after completing the probation period for six months my boss asked me if I could join them full time, then it would be great. I was over the moon at that time as I was rejected by many firms and completely dejected in my nascent days so.

I still remember a day I bought some cookies and ice cream cake for my family members to celebrate because it was a hard task to fetch a job during those days and earned money. So, all in all, it was a very pleasant and learning experience for me.

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