Describe an Important Decision You Have Made: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a significant decision you have made. You should say:

  • What was the decision?
  • Why you made that choice?
  • Who helped you make a choice?
  • And explain why the decision was so important.

Sample Answer of Describe an Important Decision You Have Made

Well, the most important decision I’ve made this year is moving abroad to make my life better than it is by studying and excelling in my career.

I made this choice due to the deplorable economic situation in my country, with the scarcity of jobs and development opportunities. Thus, I feel this is the right time to seize this opportunity and improve my life.

Well, I could say my parents are my biggest influencers, supporters and mentors, and they have been present in all of my decision-making.

This decision was critical to me because it affects many aspects of my life….my personal development and growth, my children and their future, my parents, and my siblings…. all of course for the greater good!

Part 3 Questions Describe an Important Decision You Have Made

Question 1:- Why do some people find it hard to make decisions?

Answer – Well, I believe past experiences significantly trigger the majority of decisions. Some people are not challenged enough by their experiences, maybe due to their state of mind resulting from substance misuse and abuse or incapabilities of some nature, like disabilities, that hinder them from accepting their fate and making the right decisions.

Question 2:- How important is it to get advice from other people when making decisions?

Answer – It is essential to get advice from mentors and people who are experienced in the kind of decisions one wants to make, particularly because they will offer a good support system, prepare you for the challenges of the decision, and above all, steer you towards completing the proper decision.

Question 3:- Why is it sometimes difficult to accept advice?

Answer – Well, I would say it’s difficult to accept advice because we are all different in the nature of our thinking and understanding, and sometimes good decisions are hard to accomplish. Most people look out for the easy way out, which happens to be the wrong advice from peers.

Question 4:- What are some of the most important decisions young people have to make?

Answer – I would say young people have to decide to entirely focus on their studies to completion, choose the right friends and maintain a good record with the law by avoiding drugs and substance abuse because as much as they may not clearly see it or fully understand it now, this will eventually affect their future life in a very big way, both negatively or positively.

Question 5:- Do you agree that parents should make critical decisions for their children?

Answer – Yes, I strongly believe parents ought to fully involve themselves in their children’s decisions because parents are second to God, and with this in mind, the outcome of their decisions is more steered towards Godly characteristics. Eventually, these children turn out to be better individuals in society.

Question 6: Is it better to decide whether to think about what you want or what other people want?

Answer – Well, it is better to make decisions thinking about what you want because it’s your own personal life. You only have one life to live towards your personal fulfilment as s successful human being, not to impress other people who will not be present in your life when things turn out the wrong way because you followed their decision.

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