Describe an Important Event that You Celebrated: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe an Important event that you celebrated

  • What was it?
  • When did you celebrate?
  • Where did you celebrate?
  • Who was with you?
  • Why was It special?

Sample 1 Describe an Important Event that You Celebrated: Recent Speaking Cue Card

The most important event I recently celebrated was two beautiful events coinciding one day, i.e. Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday. Since it is a memorable day to celebrate, I decided to take off my mother for a short trip to Nasik, which is close to Mumbai, 3 hours drive. We spent her Birthday and Mother’sMother’s day by going to some cultural tourist spots and also some temples to seek blessings for my mum. We also offered food to the needy people on the street, and my mother and I both are philanthropists, so we love to celebrate such events of our lives by serving and helping people in our way. We make sure to make someone else’s day while celebrating ours. In the evening, we went for a quiet dinner and enjoyed a delicious meal, all my museum’s favourites. We returned to our hotel room with all smiles thinking about the day spent.

Sample 2 Describe an Important Event that You Celebrated: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Well, numerous important events are celebrated around the globe, and I attended many special occasions with my kith and kin in my life. I also learnt a plethora of things from them related to culture and traditions. During celebrations in felt dogs with two tails, however, today, I would love to share a crucial event which I celebrated on 14 March 2022 that is informative for everyone that is none other than the 45 birthday of my mother. Moreover, it was organized with the help of my family in a garden that is situated near my home town. Along with this, I invited relatives, neighbours and friends to that event in the evening time. All the members were together until nearly 4 o’clock. I vividly remember that it is most special for a mother because before that day, no one celebrated the birthday of the mother. More intrusting movement my grandmother played a dance on classical music that movement enhanced the beauty of this occasion. In spite of it, at exact five o clock, I got a cake as a gift which I made by hand. Furthermore, cut to it my mother and serve to all after that music played and danced in the garden as well as after according to interest guests cherish to cousins. So all movement is happiest, and I felt on the seventh heaven. All in all, my mother thanked everyone and discussed something with their friends .she felt their importance in the family for the first time and gave me a lot of wireless. In addition, this event is memorable and special for all family members, including me, which I celebrated a few months ago.

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Question 1:- How do people in your country celebrate events?

Answer 1:- People have friends and family get-togethers with food, drinks and music. It is the most common way to celebrate an event across the world. More specifically, for events such as New Year, people like to either go to clubs or prefer doing house parties with their close ones. Furthermore, people tend to burst fireworks or play with water and colours and dance their hearts out.

Answer 2:- There are uncountable ways to celebrate events it depends upon occasion some are big or small, but the first and foremost is they eat together on traditional events such as Diwali and Lohri on the other hand on marriages they prefer to play dance gidda and bhangra. Some of them visited religious places.

Question 2:- What events do Indian people like to celebrate?

Answer 1:- Indian people like to celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, and festivals like Deepawali, Holi, Christmas, Janmashtmi and Navratri, to name a few. Also, we celebrate the India winning match or any other sport events victories also celebrated like a festival.

Answer 2:- Generally, in India, in a primitive time, individuals celebrated mostly the bhaskhi festival, but in the contemporary world, people celebrate all the festivals, for instance, Raksha banden, birthdays, marriage, universities and Lohri.

Question 3:- Why do you think a celebration is essential?

Answer 1:- Celebration is significant. It is when people spend some time together and share their happiness. Such events also bring about social harmony and peace.

Answer 2:- I consider that celebrations play a pivotal role in human life with the celebrations people get experience related to the importance behind it. Another important factor is that they are able to spend time with others. This can they rejuvenate them.

Question 4:- Do you prefer big or small celebrations?

Answer 1:- I prefer small celebrations because in these we can interact with all the people present. Big celebrations are just a show-off, and the hosts hardly even come to know who all were there.

Answer 2:- Truly speaking, I like both the events, although big or small. Mostly I celebrate small celebrations in my life because it is suitable for me according to my budget. Whenever religious event celebrates by local people mostly, these types of festivals are big.

Question 5:- Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?

Answer 1:- No, I don’t think anything will change. People have always had parties, and I’m sure they always will in the future. Humans need to socialize and enjoy themselves, and parties are one of the best ways to do that.

Answer 2:- Undoubtedly, parties have become popular amongst the coming generation. For instance, in recent times, youngsters have organized many parties with friends and family. Due to this, they capture all the movement saved in albums and drives, which always proved fruitful.

Question 6:- Why do some people like expensive and grand celebrations?

Answer 1:- Some people like expensive and grand celebrations because they want to show their status, and they want such events to be an everlasting memory in their minds.

Answer 2:- It depends on wealthy mortals belonging to rich families who always spend a chunk of money on celebrations to show their status in front of others.

Question 7:- Do you think it is a waste of money to spend much on celebrations of national events?

Answer 1:- No, I do not think it is a waste of money to spend on celebrations of national events. Such events bring a feeling of patriotism to the minds of young people, who are otherwise drifting away from their culture and tradition. Such events also bind young people to their roots.

Answer 2:- Definitely, no spending on national events is not a wastage of money, such as Christmas celebrated in the world and taking place concerts for enjoyment and awareness. On the other side, sports events are beneficial for young ones this can they access to success and enhance the name of the country all around the world.

Question 8:- How can people prepare for an event?

Answer 1:- People can prepare for any event by planning. First, they decide their budget, and then they make a list of people home to invite. Then they determine what they would like to do on that day when all the guests have arrived. They arrange a proper lunch or dinner, some games, and other things they would like to do that day.

Answer 2:- Everyone has experience regarding celebrations, so they plan before the event and order catering. Apart from it, People discuss it with their family and make a whole list of things Indian people do.

Question 9:- Would you like to plan an important meeting or activity?

Answer 1:- Yes, I would like to plan for an important meeting or activity. If any event is not scheduled, it can result in chaos. If it lands nicely, any event can leave an everlasting imprint on the minds of all those who attend it.

Answer 2:- I love to make plans for crucial meetings, firstly regarding studying whenever I need to. Other than I make a plan before reaching any place. Furthermore, when I visit with the family for special activities such as marriage or sometimes competitions organized by the locality, my first preference is to make plans.

Question 10:- What factors should be considered when planning an event?

Answer 1:- The first thing to be considered when planning an event is deciding on a budget. After that, all the activities that need to be done must be considered. Then it has to be determined whether the event should be held in a hotel or at home. The games to be played on that day and all the activities to be done on that they have also to be blind well. All this can never be a one-person show. Teamwork is essential in planning such events.

Answer 2:- Every person have different ability related to planning an event, but mostly, they should consider the time table much as possible as they share it with other members and receive suggestions. Secondly, they should allow things according to the occasion, for example, sports day.

Question 11:- Why does food go to waste in events?

Answer 1:- People are attracted to the food as they get to eat the tasty and wide variety of items they do not get at home. This leads to people taking more food on their plates than they can eat and ultimately to food waste.

Answer 2:- On Many occasions, food is wasted, such as marriages and traditional and religious events, because it is celebrated without plan and counting. In the modern world, due to this tendency now, people do not like to invite their relatives and neighbours in India to the countryside.

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