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Describe an Important Invention Which Has Changed the World: Recent Speaking Test

Describe an Important Invention Which Has Changed the World Recent Speaking Test

Describe an important invention which has changed the world

Sample 1

The world has been revolutionized into a global village. They are numerous invention which makes the world closer to maintaining all the living standards in a good manner and the boom of technological development rapidly skyrocketed in today’s Era; some invention has to important to change the whole the life of the people as well as the country. It has some massive benefits to improve the lifestyle of the people and here I would like to talk about an invention which changes the whole the world in an appropriate manner that invention is a mobile phone. Behind this technology-related, this invention is a totally up to the mark after the researchers did a lot of struggle to invent a mobile phone because mobile phone or become an indispensable part of our life in a modern era, without mobile phone life never be predictable because the uses of this gadget are quite important moreover every cell phone gives an abundance of amenities as well feature in favour of the customer which they like to use in their day to day life and enhance their living standard which to improve their quality of life. This invention also brings ample changes in human life and make the wall to closer each other because the communication barrier is easy to crack now because people like to talk with their near and dear ones in any corner of the world, and some of the applications also provide calling feature without any cost which people like to use and avail in their day to day life and also enhance their bonding with each other. Further, the feature of listening to the music is a quite compatible with the lifestyle of the people because at every critical time they like to listen to their favourite music according to their interest which helps to reduce their anxiety level and stress they feel more comfortable and survive all the critical situation in a good manner. The most important advantage of cell phones is that they can be used almost everywhere without any cables or electricity by using a mobile phone you can communicate with anyone whenever you want and wherever you are, besides this if there is an emergency mobile phone can be useful. So this invention is Considered a prominent key factor among the individuals which has numerous benefits and seems all the world changes in a few years as compared to past years.

Sample 2

Innovations which have changed the world rapidly and today I want to talk about one such astonishment which was accomplished and has created a major breakthrough over the decades and that is the aeroplane discovered and manufactured by Wright Brothers in the 19th Century and because of this invention people are able to travel to any part of the world in no time when I was in my school I write an article about Wright brothers and how they discovered this invention of manufacturing aeroplanes curious to move to another part of the world to meet their family and friends, and then the came up with this idea of creating aeroplanes, and due to this invention we can reach any other country, and across any number of the ocean within few Hour, this has been in there are so many Airlines available people are to use the flight which were discovered only by the right brother, and they are still in use.

Follow-ups of Describe an Important Invention Which Has Changed the World

Question 1:- Whаt invention іѕ uѕеd thе mоѕt аt home?

Answer 1:- They are numerous inventions used in their day to day life, and many individuals like to use these inventions for household chores, are refrigerators, microwave ovens even gas, so these inventions are indispensable.

Answer 2:- There are so many pieces of equipment which are being used rapidly on a day-to-day basis put forth some of them a television mobile phones and washing machine these are some of the products which should be used by a common man on an on a daily basis.

Question 2:- Dо уоu thіnk thе mоѕt uѕеful аnd important inventions оf thе world wеrе аlrеаdу made?

Answer 1:- Part of a life without this technology we are unable to make a portion of food in our homes even many people also use in technology of the internet as well the computer which people like to spend a time watching television at their home, so these inventions all play a significant role in the lifestyle of the individuals and without this life unable to put it because this invention has a very important role in the community.

Answer 2:- Really because each and every day some of the other Discovery has been made or some new kind of invention is going on different parts of the world, for example, mobile phones which were complete which were unknown a few decades earlier has become the most source of common means of communication and an integral part of our life, so I believe that each and every minute some new kind of invention is going on.

Question 3:- Dо уоu thіnk thе invention оf thе wheel wаѕ vеrу important?

Answer 1:- Yes, the world already made the tremendous invention in a sequence even researchers also did a lot of struggle to make the lifestyle of the people convenient in a good manner apart from that scientist has already invented a lot of technologies which people make their lifestyle too easy and they also enhance their living standards inappropriate manner they are some inventions such as cars trains buses which all already use in the mode of transportation and reduce the traffic jams, and people get punctual on their timeframe moreover, this kind of invention already made by the scientific as compare to in modern Era.

Answer 2:- Yes, I believe that is one of the major breakthroughs over the centuries, and without the Discovery of the wheel, we wouldn’t be able to move from one place to another. It would be really challenging to walk throughout without the help of an automobile and its major breakthrough over a few centuries.

Question 4:- Whаt leads а person tо invent something?

Answer 1:- Yes, the invention of the wheel is very crucial for the people who like to commute all around the world many people like to explore various kinds of places and also know about their culture and get familiar with them apart from that they are most of the transportation which people like to use in day to day life and get punctual according to their time frame without transportation life would be mundane an ideal and it gives up more amenities in favour of the customer because the invention of the wheel brings the world closer which people can find easily any location in the world.

Answer 2:- People find out that they are in need of something which will make their life easier; for example, automation is kapda is one of the Rapid cutting edge Technologies, and the each and every industry is trying to automate the work which has been done manually for centuries identifying the manual work which they do are coming up with new ideas something hence this notion people are it triggers new ideas for people to come up with

Question 5: Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?

Answer 1:- There are lots of factors which people like to do invention a particular thing because they have already experienced and get through them and thinking about that inventions will be sorted out the problems of the people so many researchers always survey a large scale and also get the opinion of the people which they are suffering from a different consequence about their life so after that they collect the data and do a lot of struggle and dedication on that thing to improve the lives of the people and needs require a lot of hard work and that thing most important in the invention according to this data which researchers make some inventions in favour of the people.

Question 6:-What do you think is the most important piece of equipment in schools?

Answer 1:- In my opinion, the refrigerator, microwave oven, and televisions are more important inventions to make the lifestyle of the people is too convenient moreover this invention also gives various amenities and made the life of people easier apart from that people also make a lot of things in their kitchen and this invention also consume very less time those people already stuck in their workplace so definitely would help to make a portion of food in a few time, furthermore many of people like to spend quality time to watch the television to reduce their level of stress or anxiety so this kind of people already make their lifestyle to happier, so this invention is important in households.

Answer 2:- In schools, mostly it is furniture which is used; however, during my school days, there used to be a who XP the machine through which all the presentations and sketches were projected onto the blackboard. It shows the visual shows it makes teachers show visually and also make drawings and shows in a more creative explain all the more creative, so this would be a major invention which is beneficial for students in school.

Question 7:- Do you think there will be no teachers to teach students in the future?

Answer 1:- There is some sort of pieces of equipment that are quite important in the school but the electronic gadgets such as computer because every school started their journey with their basics so every child once interacts with the technologies like us computer they also handle and obtain some sort of information about the technology because through the computer they can reach their barrier of technologies also search various of things from the internet so that things must be an Important in a school.

Answer 2:- Not really because teachers are really important for any student to have a good rapport and improve their communication skills with the help of teachers day also know how to respect other human beings and other people in the society there have been many discussions going on that the robots will be robot will be a replaced robot will stop supplant all the teaching resources and eventually manual work will be reduced however to have a good school Xperia Wholesome School experience it is mandatory to have a good teacher.

Question 8:- Do you think these inventions make people lazy?

Answer 1:- I don’t think so. I disagree with the notion because, without the teacher, life would be unpredictable, and children would suffer from drastic consequences in their life because teachers and mentors provide appropriate goals for the students which can they can easily put their efforts such ad dedication and hard work of the teacher even in any critical situation teacher always gives a lot of motivation to reach their milestone which they are seeking for in future, I know that technology would replace everything, but the teacher would never be replaced with any sort of technology so without teacher life of children will be gone in danger.

Answer 2:- Yes, sometimes in the near future manufactured and their guidance and help us in each and every aspect of our life people are prone to become lazy there they might be quite dependent on machines even two carries of their everyday activities I think people might become eidolon in future if there are a major breakthrough of automatic machines.

Question 9:- What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of these What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of these inventions at home?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely due to a lot of inventions, people make their lifestyle too lazy and mundane because many people already depend on technology nowadays, and also forget the importance of their work, even their hard work, because they just spend their time operating this machine and never do a single hard work, which eventually leads to people suffering from drastic consequences which leads to the health because the technology makes the people too lazy.

Answer 2:- We are able to focus work on other aspects as well so, for example, their breakthrough of the washing machine had made a good impact we need not whether a machine would do that on behalf of US if we wash clothes then we are prone to so many disease so many health problems such as back pain and knee pain however we can overcome all these kinds of health challenges unable to stand up for themselves and work out on them dependent on these machines for even a small leisure activity, and they are becoming lazy by adapting by inculcating this equipment.

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