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Describe an Interesting House or Apartment You Visited

Describe an Interesting House or Apartment You Visited

Describe an interesting house or apartment you visited. You should say:

So, everyone needs a home/house to live in. We are always trying to make our house according to our dream home, but I would like to talk about a beautiful house which I visited recently—that is, my friend’s house 🏡.

Last Sunday, I went to my friend, Reeta’s house, to get the study notes. When I visited her house, I saw it was too beautiful. Trees 🌳 are around this house. It is located in my hometown, Moga, on the Ludhiana – Ferozepur road.

I like this house because it is beautiful as well as neat and clean. From inside and outside, it’s just like my dream home 🌈. I want to live there for the marriage of my friend’s sister.

This occasion is coming soon. On that occasion, I will spend some days in my friend’s house. By this, one of my dreams will be fulfilled. A garden 🌺 on one side of the house adds to the beauty of this house.

There is a lot of greenery 🍃 on all sides of this house. By visiting it, I felt very happy and excited to live in it. So, I really would like to live in such a house or apartment 🌟.

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