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Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture

Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture.

Describe an interesting thing you have learned from a foreign culture.

Sample 1 Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture

Sony is adapting to the influence today. I want to put in how teenagers’ employment opportunities start. I believe that in India employed; however, I want to make this change, so I decided to get into a part-time occupation during at. First, it was really informative about the difference between my style, my job, and my education long run, and it was a daily blouse rather than even for their essential requirement. I would say that it should be in for, and they have an excellent irrespective of the occupation vacant.

Sample 2 Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture

Learning is a lifelong process; individuals learn daily from their mistakes, experiences and past events. Today I would like to shed some light on the fascinating things I learned from foreign cultures.

My uncle and aunt have been living in Canada for three decades. Their children were born and brought up in Canada, and now my cousins are in their early 20 years. They are undoubtedly Canadian, but we bond strongly whenever we have leg time.

We love to kill that time on a video call and talk about Apple’s ways. We know all the ropes about each other and decide this now. I am free because of the completion of my graduation but for months. I was not able to on a single Pan name.

On the other hand, my cousins who are in Canada and younger than me they are earning handsome emoluments and cater for their needs by themselves. I remember once my cousin told me that in a foreign culture, after the age of 12, there is an allowance for every child to do part-time work in order to full fill his or her needs.

I was impressed by his talk; however, this situation is the opposite in India. We have depended on each other for trim work, and one does not have the confidence to work independently. However, I was so impressed by a foreign culture that I started my part-time job, which was in Cafe,

Then I realised that that was a big lesson for me to learn the lesson of independence, and this was all because of the inspiration of my brother.

Now I am Independent and can clear all my expenses with my own salary. This is a win-win situation for me as I not only on handsome, to you mean but also become confident because of self-independence.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture

Question 1:- How do you learn about celebrations that are related to your culture?

Answer – No doubt, my parents taught me about various celebrations that are related to the Sikh culture. They also taught me traditions which are necessary for a person to know about; however, some other celebrations, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, are related to the foreign culture I learnt from the internet.

Question 2:- What do you think are common celebrations all over the world?

Answer 1:- There are so many activities celebrated throughout the world; however, a few occasions, such as Independence Day and labours day, are popular throughout the earth. Every country is renowned for these kinds of holidays as well. Every country celebrates independence Day on the occasion of receiving Independence; similarly, labours day is celebrated for people who work every day for their survival. They might need one day’s rest, and people must commemorate their own day.

Answer 2:– In my opinion, there are Numerous celebrations which are well renowned all over the world which include. New Year celebrations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and many more are happily celebrated by individuals all over the world.

Question 3:- Do you think we should follow our culture and traditions and why?

Answer 1:- From my perspective, I anticipate that it is for people to follow their traditions and cultures because it tells us how our ancestors led their lives and how we need to take part in those customs when the range of ICF values for each and every occasion and also I believe that are in such a situation scattering. There is also a lot of communication entertainment achieved in such kinds of scenarios.

Answer 2:- In my viewpoint, cultures and traditions are necessary and to be followed by individuals because it is a way which connects individuals with their roots, and it is beneficial because people pass them from Generation to Generation. One culture will be preserved and will not diminish by following one’s culture and traditions.

Question 4:- How do you react to spending a lot of money on celebrations?

Answer 1:- This is the most challenging question to answer because, in India expect, for marriages, people spend millions of power of money for functions, and it causes considerable wealth and prosperous can. Not, however, underprivileged people may not be, and they might end up with loans not fond of these kinds of celebrations. Drawing future monetary incentives is not my cup of tea.

Answer 2:- Honesty speaking, I am a prudent buyer, and I don’t like to spend hefty amounts of money on celebrations as I reckon that one should spend that money on such productive work as I feel that celebrations are ways to express happiness rather than flaunt status in front of others.

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