Describe an Interesting Thing You Learned from Another Country: IELTS Cue Card

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Describe an interesting thing you learned from another country

  • What is it?
  • How did you learn it?
  • Why did you learn it?
  • And explain how you think it will help others?

Sample 1 Describe an Interesting Thing You Learned from Another Country

So many western ways to great thanks that were being independent stay in western countries happy habit of moving out of their respective home and starting a new life by them I feel that it is really important for people to move out at least in their teenagers or once they enter college I got to know this culture through my friend who stays in the USA and he told me that he was The Reluctant and it was the difficult scenario for him after few days he got a customs to stay in Orlando, and I felt that this kind of lifestyle immediately after their teenagers that even I should learn this kind of lifestyle and it was challenging for me because I try to move out of my home post my graduation and it was the most challenging it was made me be a stable and take care, and I believe that everyone takes care of the staff aspect and they have to move out

Sample 2 Describe an Interesting Thing You Learned from Another Country

They are lots of things which people like to learn in their day-to-day lives and some people always adopt the year culture and learn from the foreign country as well because the life of the international country as a totally different from the thinking because there is some kind of work which people unable to imagine in their country, so they need to travel another country to know the information about there. I would like to talk about a habit. I recently learned from an international country. I remember the last vacation vividly. I visited Canada, so I had a lot of time spent time on various purposes. Even when I reached there, I saw the ambience that was quite mesmerizing because I had never seen the ambience of that culture and one more thing I liked in this country that is the people and youngsters are too self-independent and live freely, so I think that is the thing. I learned something from the international country even in every restaurant they are lots of youngsters like to do work themselves and also do hard work to earn money instead of depending on their parents moreover youngsters also keen to find a lot of work and do a struggle to buy a lot of things with a salary, so that is the thing which I impressed with them. Must say it is very important because, at this very young age, they learn the value of money and understand how hard it is to earn, so of course, they spend it wisely as well. Moreover, my father also told me that Canada is one of the foremost countries where youngsters like to do work in their daily routine and also on some something like of salary which they have to enhance their living standards apart from that. I also learnt the quality of life of youngsters because one of my friends, Rahul, lives in that country, and he also shared the culture of Canada with me even though he also does a part-time job in their free time and also manages their expenses because the cost of living in Canada is a quite high as compare to another country, so people like to do struggle and part-time job for their survival, so that is the thing which I impressed with them to become a self-independent person, so that is the thing which I learnt from Canada, however, I think adopting this habit and culture helps us show our parents how much we appreciate them. I definitely recommend all the friend circles. Once they visit a Canada, they also become a part of them and also get familiar with their life Vichar is two crucial for them, so that is the thing which I learnt self independently from Canada. in the end, reliance on parents for a long time is one of the reasons behind the low level of confidence among the youngsters in the country to the western countries.

Follow ups Describe an Interesting Thing You Learned from Another Country

Question 1:- How do you learn about celebrations that are related to your culture?

Sample 1:- It is typically my parents who teach me about the cultures and festivals which we celebrate in India bonded from their parents, so it is going on from it is being thought from one generation to another via our ancestors, and it is a social media which is the getting people to learn about cultures so I was able to know about state festival and I also cultivated the habit of celebrating them as well.

Sample 2:-  Well, there are numerous cultures and lessons which I learned from the cultures to world festival also play a crucial role in the lifestyle of the person, and you have lots of assets which people like to learn from the culture. However, it is very mandatory to increase their survival rate also being a part of the society and a community because the festival celebrates by the people with great zeal, so people like to get familiar with cultural festivals to improve their living standards apart from that I also learn a lot of things from the festival like the only special time we need to exchange sweets and also improve the bond of friendship with each other, so that is the thing is the kind important and need to learn from the festivals.

Question 2:- What do you think are common celebrations all over the world?

Sample 1:- I believe that Christmas and New Year are renowned throughout the globe, and each and every household has the habit of celebrating this sex because the new year actually it’s the way of starting a different year, and all the people are in welcoming a new year similarly to Christmas is throughout the globe, and I believe that in this occasion feel over the moon.

Sample 2:- Well, there are a few celebrations or quite common which are famous a worldwide even friendship celebration is one of the most important celebrations of people like to celebrate with their great zeal and Enthusiasm because of that celebration also reminds to every person and to have a stronger bonding with their near and dear ones because friendship also brings tremendous of benefits in the lifestyle of the people even in a difficult time we need to share the feelings to improve all living standards and also reduce the level of stress so I think friendship celebration is a nothing with comparable because it has an immense power to change the world closely.

Question 3:- Do you think we should follow our culture and traditions, and why?

Sample 1:- I am concerned it is a big tree for people to learn about our culture and also celebrate the festival which, are ancestral values are spiritual aspects people come together, and we can also have good communication with Agra family and companion, so it is essential for people to learn about these cultures and protect our cultural heritage.

Sample 2:- Without any doubt, every people need to follow their culture and traditional Indian lifestyle because the value of their past culture is nothing comparable with others, and there are numerous assets and morals value which people need to learn from their past and also improve their living standards moreover because of the culture they always interact with The values which are important in their life, so I think the culture in traditional play a vital role in the life of the people to become more successful in future.

Question 4:- How do you react to spending a lot of money on celebrations?

Sample 1:- That it is actually not required and an essential to spend a lot of money on the festival or any kind of celebrations India people throw lavish weddings millions of amount just for one day, it is just a waste of their money, and I believe that people are there funny, especially for 20 staff celebration can just ask to make some donations for underprivileged people

Sample 2:- No, I don’t like to spend an of money on the celebration because so celebration I know is very important for every person which we like to schedule a celebration without the presence of mind. I think spending money on a celebration is a note is like well worth the decision and even we need to celebrate all the celebration in a family and also or use the household things to enhance the celebration.

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