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Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You
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Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

Sample 1: Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

Well, I love to shop, especially traditional clothes. I got a very beautiful traditional dress on my anniversary, and it was given to me by my husband. He gave it to me to bring a smile to my face.

Many times, I got money from my husband to buy anything of my choice, but I hesitated to spend it. It was the time when I was searching for traditional clothes with heavy work on their front and back.

When I searched on Myntra, I found a very beautiful dress, but it was too expensive, so at that time, I couldn’t afford it. My husband forced me to buy it, but I put him off by saying that I would purchase it when the prices were lower.

It was 8000 rupees. My husband knew it well, and he kept that thing in mind and gave it to me as a surprise gift. I was angry, but when I saw a deep smile on his face while giving me, I accepted it with a warm heart.

I think if my husband had not purchased it, I wouldn’t have been able to purchase it because it was too expensive, so that was the time when my husband gave it to me, and I accepted it with a warm heart.

Sample 2: Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

I think everyone in this world loves to receive a gift. Exchanging gifts is an important part of the celebration, but did you know that the act of giving a gift can bring psychological benefits?

Gifting is a universal way to show the interest gathered by bonding with others. Today, I would like to talk about the piece of cloth I received from my mother.

Most of my relatives in France know that I love traditional South Indian clothing, and my mom also buys all the clothes for me, but this one is a special one for me.

Last December, my mother bought me a traditional dress called Sharmani because, as she knew, it was my choice. She bought the fashionable traditional sherwani.

I got it at the New Year Party; it was two pieces: the lower-end longer shirt, the golden kernel, and a red colour. The red is on the assembly part, and the golden is most of the part.

I usually wear this on some occasions, like a wedding and some important occasions. As I said, my family members and friends know that I love South Indian dresses, so she bought them for me, and I was happy to receive them. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful gift. The gifts that I received from my mother are very precious to me.

Follow-up Questions: Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

Question 1: What Kinds of Clothes Do People Wear After Work?

Answer 1:- People wear comfortable clothes like T-shirts and shorts or capri after work. They wear casual clothes so that they can relax their body.

Answer 2:- People were comfortable after work because they needed to wear professional clothes, which were very tight. Some people working in particular places, like hospitals, needed to wear tight and fixed clothes.

Question 2: What Kind of Clothes Should People Wear at Work?

Answer 1:- People should wear appropriate clothes as required by the companies at work. They should wear formal clothes because the dress of an employee has a great impact on the customers and they value the discipline of the company.

Answer 2:- People wore professional clothes to work because of their rules. Some people decided to some company decided to pattern to proofs that they were employed into and included in a short and short and paint, and for shoes, they wear classical shoes. It also depends upon the work you do; some people are doing things like hospital work and many more in this type of work, then follow the same clothing pattern.

Question 3: Where Do People Buy Clothes in Your Country?

Answer 1:- People buy clothes from the local market, street market as well as from shopping malls. But now there is a trend to buy online as a variety of products are flooding the market at reasonable rates.

Answer 2:- People buy clothes in the Country in different ways, such as online shopping as well as offline. People buy offline in retail shops such as malls and small shops. For online shopping, different kinds of applications are available, such as Amazon and Flipkart, and nowadays, it’s easy to buy clothes online because it’s easy and very affordable. You can compare different kinds of prizes for clothes.

Question 4: Do You Think Students Need to Wear School Uniforms?

Answer 1:- Yes, students need to wear a uniform while attending it as the uniform is an identity of the students, and people can recognize them in which school they read. It builds discipline, confidence, love, and dedication to their work.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely, students need to wear a uniform for different reasons, such as what’s safe in a school; they need to be identified as belonging to that particular school, and also for equality among the students. Even if there is a rich student, they need to wear the same clothes as the poor and for regional purposes.

Question 5: Do You Think the Internet Influences the Fashion Industry Today? Why?

Answer 1:- Yes, the Internet influences the fashion industry today because everything is instantly uploaded on the Internet regarding fashion, and people are made aware of the fashion industry through various apps. To advertise the products influential personalities are hired to promote the products to increase sales.

Answer 2:- It’s an Internet influence on every sector, including the fashion industry. For example, in the way of advertisements on the Internet, you can see different kinds of ads on different kinds of websites, so people tend to find these questionable fashions when they see the advertisements and the influence on their productivity.

Question 6: Who Must Wear Trendy Clothes, Youth or Older People? Why?

Answer 1:- Well, everyone can wear fashionable clothes; age is just a number. Now, many males are old age, but fashionable clothes have transformed their lifestyle and are gaining huge popularity. Hence, I think it is the right of every person to wear fashionable clothes to groom their personality.

Answer 2:- There isn’t any restriction on wearing fashionable clothes for young or older people. Anyone can wear fashionable clothes nowadays, even if they are older or younger. The senior citizens wear trendy clothes like T-shirts and jeans because they feel more comfortable in them, and the youth always follow the trend for fashion for showing or among their friends.

Question 7: What Are the Benefits of The Fashion Industry to A Country?

Answer 1:- The fashion industry has helped a lot of people who consider them inferior to others due to their disabilities. It has groomed their personality as well as now people look no old, and their clothes have hidden their age. So, in reality, it has made people happy and added more years to their lives.

Answer 2:- The main benefit for a country from the fashion industry is its financial support. For example, the Bangladeshi economy depends on a fashionable industry because the fashion industry contains 60% of the economy. In India, a big fashion industry is also supporting our nation.

Question 8: Why Do People Wear Different Styles of Clothing?

Answer 1:- Different styles of clothing make people confident and enrich their experiences. When people wear different styles of clothes, they look younger and promote companies’ sales by buying more.

Answer 2:- Primarily as a means of distinguishing themselves from others and also as part of their social identity. Different styles appeal to different kinds of people. For example, you might identify with grunge culture, or be a hipster, or more traditional and conservative.

Question 9: Why Do Some Companies Have Uniforms for Their Employees?

Answer 1:- Companies have uniforms for their employees because it is mandatory for their staff to remove discrimination as well as provide them with an identity. Uniforms put a great impression on the customers, and it becomes easy for the customers to find help from them.

Answer 2:- What uniforms promote a sense of team spirit and a sense of belonging? This, in turn, can improve worker productivity, benefit employees, provide any economy, save employees money, and eliminate employee lending time and experience. Equality among them is also one reason.

Question 10: Who Do You Think Purchases Designer Clothes Usually?

Answer 1:- Youngsters purchase designer clothes normally as they are more conscious about the fashion industry and want to enhance their personality. They crave to be like celebrities, so they are fond of purchasing designer clothes.

Answer 2:- I think celebrities and rich people purchase designer clothes usually because they need to follow trends in the market. If they were the particular designer, it would become a brand, and the public would follow their footprints.

Question 11: Does It Depend on The Age of People? Why?

Answer 1:- Well, purchasing designer clothes doesn’t depend on age, as it is the right of every person to look younger and smarter. Designer clothes decline a person’s age and make people feel more confident.

Answer 2:- No, it doesn’t depend on any age to wear fashionable clothes; anyone can wear them. Not only young people but also changing citizens can wear fashionable clothes because some are very comfortable to wear, such as T-shirts and many others.

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