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Describe an Object You Find Particularly Beautiful

Describe an Object You Find Particularly Beautiful

Describe an object you find particularly beautiful

Sample 1 Describe an Object You Find Particularly Beautiful

Sometimes we come across so many objects which we find particularly beautiful. Actually, I vividly remember when I went on a Shimla trip during my college time. We went to an art gallery. Actually, the entrance was free, so we decided to go to this art gallery, and when we were looking around there, I found a particularly beautiful piece of art painting.

Actually, I think it was made of oil painting because I saw the little information described in the corner of this painting that describes its material and other things used in this painting. I found it beautiful because it was the scene of a mother holding a baby in her arms, and it looked so real that I felt how the baby felt so safe in her mother’s arms and the emotions and facial features were so real.

Sample 2 Describe an Object You Find Particularly Beautiful

Well, I love seeing beautiful objects, whether a real flower, a river, or a mountain, but here I would like to speak about the artwork my daughter created on my birthday. It was construction work, and I told her to make a beautiful house, which we had decided to build in the future. So, in a nutshell, I wanted to check her imagination and creativity.

I provided all the essential materials like sticks, glue, wax and watercolours, and she made a beautiful house with the help of sticks and made it colourful. My imagination knew no bounds when she wrote the house’s name with the help of sticks. I felt that she would become a good architect in future.

I have kept it safely as it is the first blueprint of my daughter’s dream house, and I pray to God to turn this dream into a reality. Even when anybody comes to our home, they are taken aback to see such creativity. In the coming winter, in her school competition, she is going to present it. So this artwork, I consider, is very beautiful.

Follow ups of Questions Describe an Object You Find Particularly Beautiful

Question 1:- Do you think there are more beautiful things now than in the past?

Answer 1:- Actually, I disagree with this notion because I think in the past also when people were not educated as compared to now, but still they had beautiful things like archaeologists found beautiful things during mining. They are so beautiful and particularly defined, so I think things were also beautiful in the past.

Answer 2:- There are not many things that are more beautiful now than in the past, as in the past, everything was in its pristine condition. There were more green spaces as well as purity in the things that could be seen. But now, there are skyscrapers, long tunnels, and beautiful objects that have totally vanished. Now with the efforts of the government, these green spaces are made.

Question 2:- Do you think there are many scenic spots in India, or are there many more in other countries?

Answer 1:- India is a huge country, and there is so much diversity in every part of my country. When we go to a northern place, many beautiful natural scenes provide picturesque beauty to the eyes. I think not only India, but all the world is filled with beautiful places.

Answer 2:- Yes, India has a lot of good scenic views at many places like Kerala, Uttarakhand and Himachal. People all over the world come here to see these places which are so exotic that people hardly find a difference in their own native land as well as in other countries because these places look like alien countries.

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