Describe an Occasion When You Saw a Lot of People Smiling

Describe an occasion when you saw a lot of people smiling

You should say
What occasion was it?
Where was it?
Why are they smiling?

A smile is a way to express the joyful mood of a person. People usually smile when they feel happy and keep a fake smile on their face. I remember an occasion when I saw everyone have a smile on their face.

This was the occasion of my sister’s wedding anniversary when I saw everyone have a massive smile on their face, which reflect their inside happiness. Everyone is looking stunning in their attire, and everyone going here and there for collecting ribbon and sweets to welcome the groom and his family. We booked an alpha hall outside of our city which was looking astonish celebrate this occasion. Everyone is smiling because they were actually happy for my sister as she started her new life and moved steps ahead in the new journey of her life. Some people cracked punch on the groom’s family and got back punch from them, which created great humour between them.

Every smile is having its own agenda behind the smile. So this was the occasion when I saw most of the people keep a smile on their face.

Follow-Ups Questions of Describe an Occasion When You Saw a Lot of People Smiling

Question 1. Why do people smile?

Answer: People have a plethora of reasons for smiling like some people smile when they think about their old memories. Sometimes they pass a casual smile in their professional place and sometimes smile while watching comedy shows.

Question 2. When do people smile?

Answer: People usually smile when they attend an occasion; they keep a smile on their face.

Question 3. What’s the difference between a fake smile and a genuine smile?

Answer: When people do a fake smile, they do not feel exactly what they pretend inside out. On the other hand, a genuine smile is when a person actually wants to smile in front of anyone.

Question 4. Why do people smile when they take photos?

Answer: People usually smile when they take pictures. There is the reason behind that when they saw that picture in the near future that can remember those moments in a good mood.

Question 5. Who smiles more, men or women?

Answer: According to my it depends upon person to person. Some people love to laugh, and some people are sophisticate, so they usually smile less.

Question 6. Do you think people should control their moods?

Answer: In my opinion, people should express their mood in front of everyone so that they can show their real side in front of everyone.

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