Describe How Many People Spend Time and Money on Furnishing Their Homes

Describe How many people spend time and Money on Furnishing their homes

You should say

  • How decor is important in a home
  • In what way furnishings reflect the homeowner’s personality
  • In what ways people spend money on home furnishings

Sample Answer of the Cue card Describe How many people spend time and Money on Furnishing their homes

Well, the paradigm shift has made the people more spendthrift and now people like to have modern facilities like air conditioners, luxurious cars, and expensive electronic gadgets. Here, I would like to speak about the people who are fortunate enough and like to throw money on purchasing decorative items for their homes and also spend a huge amount of time selecting them.

They consider the beauty of the house to be enhanced by adding a few luxurious items. They have enough money so they travel overseas to buy antique things. For rich people, beautifying the house with unique items is a matter of pride. They opine that they are known to the people by the expensive items that they have placed at their homes.

I think it is true to some extent as people judge others by their lifestyle and the place where they live and how they have decorated it. They like to buy costly paintings of renowned painters and also keep expensive furniture of fine wood. They do not even hesitate to pay the double amount to the seller. In this way, they spend money lavishly on materialistic things.

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