Describe an intelligent person you know ieltsfever

Describe an intelligent person you know ieltsfever

You should say:

  • Who is he/she?

  • Why do you call him/her intelligent?

  • How do you know him/her?

Simple 1:-

Well, I belong to a nuclear family that consists of 5 members my father, my mother, my two siblings and myself. All the members of my family are extrovert by nature.

Even though, I persevered my primary education from a well-reputed school known as blooming birds school which is located in Moga, a district of Punjab.

Hence, with the grace of God, I met with my elementary education. I find Deepak is an intelligent person to whom I know very well.

I have been yet known him because of our beautiful bond of friendship till now.


Well, he is a very personalted person with black sparkling eyes and golden hairs. He is down to earth individual as well as, he has a fabulous methodology to deal with elder human beings.

Lovingly, he treats his juniors impressively and mannerly. He helps every needy student.

apart from it, if I am talking about his intelligence, then he has been achieving the first position in each class every year and he has gained many medals, trophies in competitions which he has won with his own intelligence.

Gradually, he has also won “student of the year” award last year. Whenever any student goes to him in order to get help from him related to the academic curriculum, he treats that student very well and helps him or her.

Eventually, I impressed by the intelligence of my friend Deepak as well as, wondered by his creative mind.

all in all, he is an intelligent person in my eyes.

Simple 2:- 

Well! There are numbers of persons I know who are intelligent in their field or some have vast knowledge about the world. But in my opinion, a person who knows well about his profession is always getting success in their life and become the role model for other people. So, here I would like to talk about the intelligent person which I think is an expert in his field. His name is Pankaj Sharma. Now, he is a teacher in Government School.

Furthermore, he also runs a coaching center at home after school hours. He is such a motivational person and helps the students to build up their self-confidence, to achieve their targets. I call him intelligent because he has huge knowledge about his field. He always remains’ up-to-date about his topics and deeply studied the concepts.

Moreover, I know him from my sister. My sister did B tech in electrical engineering. And after completing his graduation, she joins coaching classes at Pankaj Sir Centre. So, she told me that my teacher is the best teacher because they know each and everything about all the topics, cleared our concepts with the logic’.

In addition, he also has a huge amount of general knowledge and is a well personal-ted person too. He helps my sister in every possible way to achieve her target. I must say because of his tireless efforts my sister get her dream job. That’s why I call him the intelligent person.


Question: do you think intelligent people are selfish?

Answer: No, intelligent folks are not selfish but, sometimes they do not like to share personal things and matters with others. According to me, who are not intelligent, they are selfish because they know about only own work and sometimes they do wrong things with the right person.

Question: Are most intelligent people happy? why?

Answer: According to me, it is not necessary. Only intelligent people are happy because, most intelligent folks are successful and, they have lots of exceptions, and they fell unhappy when things do not do according to their choice as well as, intelligent humans stay happy from the mind as compared to normal persons.

Question: Do you think intelligent people are helpful?

Answer: well, everyone has different sorts of nature it does not depend on intelligence but, all people help the folks as compared to, intelligent humans also help the people in the different and intelligent way which way is good and best. For example: normal people help with money but intelligent folks help with education for a better future.





Describe an intelligent person you know ieltsfever

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