Describe an interesting website you have used

Describe an interesting website you have used

You should say:

  • Which website it is?

  • About which it is?

  • For which you used it?

Sample 1:-

Although I belong to a nuclear family which has consisted of 5 members my father, my mother, my two siblings and myself, all the members of my family are well-educated. That’s why there is a great influence on becoming a successful person in life.

Even though by the grace of God, I have pursued my 12th class from a reputed school named S.D.S.S. school, Lopon and that is affiliated to PSEB stream.

Though by the grace of God, I have joined the IELTS course in order to go abroad for further studies. To get high scores in IELTS exam, I take help of the internet to understand any concept correctly. I have used many websites related to IELTS material but, my favorite website is

Basically, is very useful website because it helps the student a lot. This website has been run by a well-educated man named Manpreet Singh who is admin of this website.


Certainly, this website provides IELTS material online to all students on free of cost. There are PDF files are also available on this website of IELTS reading and listening can download these files from the internet and print it on the papers. it makes easy to practice of IELTS modules.

Lovingly, a mock test has been also organized by a well-educated team of every Sunday. Through this mock test, one can easily know average to appear in the IELTS exam.

Luckily, I use this website several times as well as I have performed in a mock test which has been organizing by this website. Moreover, if any student faces problems to download study material from this website then he or she can comment on this website and he or she gets a quick reply from this website’s admin Manpreet Singh.

Eventually, this is a beneficial website because children also can learn grammar strategies through this website. this helps you to speed up your English learning.

Gradually by my perspectives, a website on the internet is more useful for those students who cannot pay fees of language learning institutes. websites help to increase our language skills.

Sample 2:-

Well, I use the internet daily and there are lost of a website that I often browse for different reasons. But probably is the one I most often browse and it is much more interesting website and I like the most.

It is a social networking website and it is one of the top 5 most visited websites in the world. This website helps me to stay connected with my friends which is the most important fact why I think it is interesting. Secondly, it helps to remain update and broadcast my news as well.

On this website, we can upload our images like when we celebrate any occasion and especially for fun and helps to make our leisure time interesting. In this website lots of other features like games, e-commerce, emailing, chanting, making new friends, fan pages, etc. are found.

I have been using this website from college time. It becomes interesting day by day to me because all my friends, cousins, relatives are connected there to me. We all share our sweet memories and occasions with each other.

Here, we can also find detail about any person if you want to know by only his/her name, mobile number or sometimes even it by the city only.  So, this is the website that I have used most these days.


Question: How long have you been using the internet?

Answer: I have been using the internet since I bought my first personal smartphone in 2003 and, that time I didn’t know about how to use it properly but, I used my phone carefully for work and entertainment. I check my emails, read the news, watch movies and videos on youtube. I also watch an online match with the help of internet.

Question: how the internet has changed our lifestyle?

Answer: Internet has made our lives better and, you can buy everything online without waste any type of time. everyone collect all sorts of information on new topics with the help of the internet, we know about a good and balanced diet which is best for human health. The student is no need to go to the library because they easily read and search books online free of cost and of course it has made communication much easier and faster as it connects people across the globe. Moreover, people improve their skills with the help of internet as well as, everybody share and gain knowledge with each other.

Question: merits and demerits of using the internet?

Answer: There is a number of advantages and disadvantages of using the internet:

#. Positive points: Internet is very useful for everyone with help of it everybody share and gains any sorts of information. People are read e-books and e-newspapers anywhere at any time without any cost as well as, kids use also use the internet for study and entertainment and they watch videos on youtube. People also become health conscious with help of it, folks use all types of online facilities like as: online banking, billing, business in less time.

#. Negative points: There are some negative points of using the internet:- Folks are using more and more internet of mobile phones and computers. It is very harmful to eye sights as well as, nowadays people do online business after it, people sit in one place and do work with it, they face physical problems which are harmful to human beings. In the modren era, people read newspapers and books online and preference of libraries become less as compared to past. Sometimes people hack anyone’s personal or official account and collect the information after it, that information used in the wrong way.




Describe an interesting website you have used

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