Describe a memorable story told by someone

Describe a memorable story told by someone

You should say:

Who told you?

What was the story?

What do you teach from that?

Sample 1:-

Well, I have heard several stories from my grandmother during my childhood. And I have remembered one story from them. I like this story till now because it is a memorable as well as a motivational story. I explain it briefly.

According to this story, once a time a king named gurudas was lived in the big palace. He cared very much for other people. There was a minister named Raghu in his residence who worked for the king. One day, the king was cleaning his sword with a piece of cloth but unfortunately, one finger of the king’s hand had cut with the sword.

He was screaming with pain. But his minister Raghu said to a king to be patient as well as he told him a line that “whatever happens, happens for the goodness”.
King got very angry and threw Raghu into the prison. Then, once a day, the king went for hunting in the jungle and his companions went on other paths. King was alone in the thick and horrible jungle.

Suddenly, a few tribe people came there and caught the king into a net. Tribesmen took the king to their residence. Because they were finding a person to kill for the worship of their Goddess.
Then one tribe man saw a cut finger of the king and told their leader about it. Tribe Leader released to the king.


After this incident, the king recalled the words of his minister that “Whatever happens, happens for the goodness”. he felt very bad. He came back to his palace and ordered to release the minister from the prison. King apolozised to the minister for his misbehavior.

All in all, whenever, I recall this story, It refills me with motivation and trust on God.

Sample 2:-

Well, I had heard the number of stories in my younger age and in my college as well. Some of them were inspirational while others were just for fun. But, today I would like to describe a story told by my father, when I was fourteen years old. I remember at that time, I was so lazy and wanted to sleep over day and night, didn’t like studies, school, and any job that I had asked to do. So, one day my father talked to me and had asked me for a story.

He told me a story named as “An 87 year old college student named rose”. I became excited by hearing the name. He started with saying that Rose became a college student at the age of 87 years. When she joined college, everyone started to laugh at her or made pranks with her. But soon, she became a campus icon and she easily made friends where ever she went. One day, a boy asked her, why are you in college at a young and innocent age? She jokingly replied that I’m here to meet a rich husband and have a couple of kids. Boy asked her again that I’m serious why are you here? “I always dreamed of having a college education and now I’m getting one,” she told the boy.

Describe a memorable story told by someone

Time had gone and she became more and more popular day by day. She completed her degree course and at the last day of college, at farewell, students invited her to tell something or share some experience with us. She began to deliver her prepared speech and said, “we do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing.” There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy, and achieving success. You have to laugh and find humor every day. You’ve got to have a dream When you lose your dreams, you die. She also, said that everyone grow old that doesn’t take any ability or talent. In the end, her speech she sing a song “The Rose” and said, “Remember Growing older is Mandatory. Growing Up Is Optional. ”

However, I understood what my father had wanted to tell me. And from that day, I always happy and enjoy every moment of life. I started to make dreams, do efforts to complete them. I must say that the story i heard was my favorite.

Describe a memorable story told by someone

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