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Describe a person whom you have never met but heard a lot about him and would like to meet

Describe a person whom you have never met but heard a lot about him and would like to meet

You should say:

Sample 1:-

Well, I have met with many persons in my life. But there are some other persons with whom I never met but heard a lot about them such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Renaldo, Sachin Tendulkar, Amir Khan and so on. But here I would like to talk about a person who is a humanoid robot named Sophia Hayat. Sofia is a female robot who has got citizenship in Saudi Arabia. I explain it briefly.

Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed ba y Hong-Kong based company named Hanson Robotics. Sophia was activated on 14th February  2016 and its first public appearance was at Southwest Festival in mid-March 2016 in the United States.

Sophia is able to display more than 50 facial expressions. Sophia has been covered by media around the globe and has participated in many high-profile interviews. In October 2017, She became the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. Sophia is ultimately a good fit to serve in healthcare, customer service, therapy, and education.

Sophia has been interviewed in the same manner as a human being. Sophia is an artificial intelligence robot who can crack jokes, face tracking, emotion recognition and so on.  Dr. Hanson designed Sophia to be a suitable companion for the elderly at the nursing homes or to help the crowd at the large events and parks. Dr. Hanson said that he hopes that the robot can ultimately interact with other individuals sufficiently to gain social skills.

All in all, I am seeking to meet Sophia. She speaks in English. So, I have joined the IELTS course to learn the English language which makes it easy for me to talk with Sophia. So, I would like to meet her as soon as possible.

Sample 2:-

Well! Everyone has a role model in their life. I also have one whom I follow most in my life. Since I am a sports fanatic, therefore, I sports personalities. There are a few prominent sports person whom I really admire such as Roger Federer in tennis, Lionel Messi in football, Michael Jordan in basketball.

I am highly appreciated their athletic career but there is one sportsman whom I follow for his traits, values. That person is Indian team’s ex-captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni. Nowadays, he is also playing well on his position.

Furthermore, he is one of the best wicket keepers. The things I have heard about him in media and internet are a great source of inspiration for youngsters like me. He is a true ambassador of attributes like sportsman spirit and hard work.

I would love to spend a day with him and see how he does that even after being the most sought after sportsperson in India. Moreover, a movie also telecasted on his life named M.S. Dhoni. That’s why I get to know more about him than what is he and what is his life or struggle story.

After watching a movie based on his life and struggle, I got more respect for him in my heart. He is known for his humility and altruistic nature. He runs a charity for differently disabled children of our society. He is always appreciating hard work and say hard work is the most important and by this, you can get anything which you want.

To wrap up, I must say that he is highly respected in our country not only as a great sportsman but also as a great human being. So, I would love to meet him and adopt some of his traits in my personality.



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