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Describe Some Technology (e.G. an App, Phone, Software Program) that You Decided to Stop Using: Recent Speaking Test

Describe Some Technology (e.G. an App, Phone, Software Program) that You Decided to Stop Using Recent Speaking Test

Describe some technology (e.g. an app, phone, software program) that you decided to stop using. You should say:

Sample 1

Well, we all use smartphones today, and some applications on these phones are addictive sometimes. I vividly remember I joined Instagram when I was in my final year of my college, and I joined because my best friend insisted on me. Initially, I used to follow my friends and relatives only, but after using it for two months, I started following actors, food bloggers and other influencers. I learned many things from their Instagram handles. However, I never realised that I was getting addicted to it until my reading vacation before my exams. Then I observed that I was checking my phone every 5 minutes, and I was not able to concentrate properly on my studies. Therefore I decided to uninstall the application. It was difficult for me, but I knew it was necessary because it affected my studies. After a few days, I could concentrate again, and I’m glad I made that decision at the right time.

Sample 2

Nowadays, there is an incredible move in technology development. I also use many types of Technologies. Here I would like to talk about a technology that I decided to Stop. That is my Smartwatch. When I completed my under graduation, my brother gifted me a Smartwatch. Me, it is a precious gift. I often use this Smartwatch not only for time management but also for connecting my mobile phone. It is very useful Technology we can communicate relative with this watch, and so I think this is a convenient product, but in fact, I decided to stop this because, a Few months ago, technology fatigue stuck me as I got bored of using it too much and too often beside, got tired of protecting it because that damn thing was so fragile it would get broken if I somehow had dropped it on the floor by accident. Surely I believe that there are many advantages when I stop using Smartwatch that is I felt that I would able to reduce all cost using internet on that Technology. And also, I can use my time to do something else.

Follow-ups of Describe Some Technology (e.G. an App, Phone, Software Program) that You Decided to Stop Using: Recent Speaking Test

Question 1:- Do you think modern technology has any disadvantages?

Answer 1:- Yes, as every coin has two sides, technology also has drawbacks, like people become less socialised now as they spend more time on phones. They have also become lazy. For instance, people now don’t like to walk for a short distance they take their two-wheelers for travel to nearby destinations also.

Answer 2:- I think modern Technology has many advantages, and also there are a lot of disadvantages firstly the main disadvantages of modern technology is it affects the health to make it more clear when we use modern Technology we only use less physical activities for example of reduced the Rebel of washing machine and mixing the physical work of women are reduced, and it affects health the Rebel of washing machine and mixing the physical work of women are reduced, and it affects the health condition of people. Moreover, it creates an unhealthy lifestyle.

Question 2:- Do you think people depend on modern technologies too much?

Answer 1:- yes, our everyday tasks are incomplete without technology such as we use washing machines, dishwashers, computers and many appliances to make our work easy and less cumbersome. moreover, nowadays individuals are so dependent on their phones that they do not even remember few numbers today.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, it is evident that most people depend on modern Technology for their daily life. In the past, most people are dependent on physical activities to do a job, but currently, most people are dependent on machines which reduce our time and effort.

Question 3:- In what ways do you think people will benefit from technologies in the future?

Answer 1:- new technologies help people to save time. For instance, women are working these days, and it is difficult to maintain a work-life balance, but with the help of kitchen appliances, they can prepare meals fast. In addition, technologies can also help to reduce pollution such as electric cars.

Answer 2:- I think in future, most of the Technology will be more convenient than in the present. And also, I felt that the Technology would be less time-consuming and less expensive. That is all kinds of people who are below the average or high level can use this Technology.

Question 4:- Do you think parents should limit their children’s time on the phone?

Answer 1:- yes, nowadays, kids’ lifestyles are becoming more sedentary because they are always on their phones. This damages their eyesight too. So to prevent this, parents should definitely keep a check on their children.

Answer 2:- Yes, surely parents should make a time limit for using mobile phones by children because the continuous use of mobile phones negative child Behaviour for an exam there are many children who are addicted to video games they behave strangely in their real life so I think that the parent should limit the usage of phone forever it will reduce the creativity of the child.

Question 5:- In your opinion, what basic computer skills should every person have today?

Answer 1:- everyone should know basic programs such as how to make PowerPoint presentations or word documents. People should know how to store things on the computer.

Answer 2:- I think that everyone to know how computer works and how to use them. This may include typing, learning keyboard commands and on of this which button and how to connect and disconnect the internet. These are the basics skill.

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