Compared to Previous Generations, More People Are Travelling Overseas for Holidays: Writing Task 2

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Compared to previous generations, more people are travelling overseas for holidays. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

Sample 1 Compared to Previous Generations, More People Are Travelling Overseas for Holidays: Writing Task 2

It is an irrefutable fact that the majority of individuals are travelling to different countries for vacations in this contemporary epoch. From my perspective, I believe that it is a constructive movement. This treatise will elucidate the numerous aspects behind this massive transition and my optimistic certitude that it is a noteworthy change with credible illustrations.

Scrutinizing the given assertion and elaborating further, nowadays, people prefer to visit foreign nations for holidays, and this trend is increasing swiftly. The first and foremost reason behind this change is that the public desire to explore new destinations in every nook and corner of the world. They wish to travel to as many countries as possible and want to post regarding these destinations on the social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook. Subsequently, taking long trips is a remarkable way to relieve stress. Moreover, some adventurous sports prevail merely in a few locations, and they are ready to fly miles to experience such activities. To exemplify, skydiving is available in UAE and does not exist in other Asian nations. Consequently, they visit Dubai to share this adventure. Hence, the public is highly fascinated with visiting international locations.

Probing ahead with the pros, the economy of the country is rising enormously because of the growth in the tourism industry. For instance, the Maldives is prominent for its exotic beaches and breathtaking spots. The majority of the population who stay here are tourists. As a result, the overall economy of Maldives is completely dependent on tourists. Similarly, the livelihood of local people is substantially improved. The indigenous craftsmen produce souvenirs, and a plethora of travellers purchase these products as a token of remembrance of that place. With an increase in visitor population, these regional dwellers live self-sufficient life and face minimal monetary crises. Thus, the tourism industry is fruitful not only for the government but also for the residents.

Taking everything into consideration, the tourism industry is evolving massively, with a myriad of individuals taking trips throughout the globe to post snaps on the internet, relax and face new adventures. Additionally, it is beneficial for the authorities in terms of financial stability and local dwellers whose life depends on visitors.

Sample 2 Compared to Previous Generations, More People Are Travelling Overseas for Holidays: Writing Task 2

Gone are the days when people tended to live within the house’s four walls, were not interested in international travel, and preferred to stay in their nation. Nowadays, they are showing their mettle in every field, proving second to none and giving the interest to visit foreign destinations for various purposes such as holidays and vacations. However, I will discuss the reason behind it why people choose Outer locations. Therefore, Deem is a positive trend in the community, which I like to explicate at length in the coming paragraphs.

To begin, it is implicit that the tendency of commuters rapidly increases from the past decades and individual wants to spend their quality time in different sort of location and choose the international traveller for their vacation, this leads l travellers would like to opt the historical places to know the culture and tradition of other countries and able to enhance their knowledge, skills and ability. Put in other words, in economic development, people have desirable jobs with handsome salaries, so they manage their expenditures according to their position. They tend to use international trips for amusement, and even they want a short break from the workplace to reduce their stress level. As a result, they spend their vacation in different countries. For instance, the tourism sector across the world is getting popular in this era, and local councils also promote the industry on a wide scale. As a result, many countries offer valuable packages a reasonable prices, which people grasp without a second thought. To add it, ample organisation offers cheap packages with all facilities in favour of the commuters. As a result, people get a track to visit an international country and get a chance to interact with the people’s lifestyles.

Furthermore, in the past, the pace of inventions was relatively low, and there were few options to fly to another country. As a result, people consume their spare time on household activities instead of overseas trips. What is more, people were not financially strong to spend their money on the international team because the option was limited and not to be available for everyone. Still, in this fast-paced life, people get a chance to familiar and gain the importance of illumination trip and want to commute in another sort of destination? To be clear, spending a vacation in other nations brings a positive development since this enables people to have a better understanding of their favourite culture and a chance to get a part of them. For example, with the boom of the internet, people have become more travel freaks in which. They gather various important destinations which are compatible with their budget or lifestyle.

To conclude, it was demonstrated that various factors contribute to the increase in the tourism sectors and, due to advances and technological advancements, make the world closer so they can easily travel to other countries.

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